Potrero war May 2004

6 of us ready to fight.jpg (156393 bytes) Don, Cash, Robert, Angus, Rich, and Tom wait for combat to begin. Someone say layon.jpeg (51071 bytes) The 6 fighters
Hats off getting ready for battle.jpg (160836 bytes) The gang waiting for combat to be called. Don and Tom napping.jpg (157641 bytes) Don and Tom napping
Don napping.jpg (153096 bytes) Don still napping Cash, Robert, and Angus watching sparing.jpg (155463 bytes) Cash, Robert, and Angus watch sparring.
Talking before battle.jpeg (45234 bytes) Talking before battle The gang talking about stratagys.jpeg (38589 bytes) Battle plan.
Armoring up.jpeg (41462 bytes) Cash armoring up Armoring up1.jpeg (44224 bytes) Cash armoring up 2
Armoring up2.jpeg (41180 bytes) Humm... Cash.jpg (156838 bytes) Cash in armor
Angus.jpg (149982 bytes) Angus in armor Rich.jpeg (34214 bytes) Rich in armor
Robert.jpg (151888 bytes) Robert in armor Don.jpg (153835 bytes) Don in armor
Cash waiting for armor inspection.jpeg (45653 bytes) Cash waiting on armor inspection 0Don waiting for armor inspection.jpeg (53705 bytes) Don waiting for armor inspection
Tom waiting on armor inspection.jpeg (46488 bytes) Tom waiting for armor inspection Angus waiting on armor inspection.jpeg (44852 bytes) Angus waiting for armor inspection
Robert waiting on armor inspection.jpeg (45228 bytes) Robert waiting for armor inspection 0Robert and Cash armored up.jpeg (31215 bytes) Cash and Robert waiting on armor inspection
Cash waiting on battle.jpeg (42940 bytes) Cash waiting for battle Grill on.jpeg (46922 bytes) So this is what it is like without the helm huh.
Cash1.jpeg (34502 bytes) Cash... Don and Tom waiting on battle.jpeg (33320 bytes) Don and Tom waiting for battle
Tom1.jpeg (29038 bytes) Tom Rich1.jpeg (50676 bytes) Rich
Robert1.jpeg (35998 bytes) Robert Angus1.jpeg (27146 bytes) Angus
0Bree and Cash sparing.jpeg (35207 bytes) Bree and Cash sparing 0Bree and Cash sparing2.jpeg (34949 bytes) Cash and Bree sparing 2
0Robert and Bill sparing with boffers.jpeg (36432 bytes) Robert and Bill spar with boffers 0Bree.jpeg (31010 bytes) Bree
Cara and Rich.jpeg (49610 bytes) Cara and Rich Cara Rich and Steve.jpeg (37924 bytes) Cara, Rich, and Steve
Cara1.jpeg (30928 bytes) Cara Cara and Sinbad.jpg (156328 bytes) Cara, and William
0Cara and Sinbad.jpg (156328 bytes) Cara and William 0Cara and Brandy.jpg (158812 bytes) Cara and Brandy
0Cara and Damara.jpg (156797 bytes) Cara and Damara 0Damara1.jpeg (43183 bytes) Damara blue dress
0Damara.jpeg (21412 bytes) Damara red dress. Damara2.jpeg (32968 bytes) Damara relaxing
Damara1.jpeg (31179 bytes) Damara looking at something Greg and Damara.jpg (155038 bytes) Greg and Damara
Greg.jpg (154869 bytes) Greg 0Cyrus.jpeg (44352 bytes) Cyrus dressed
Lee1.jpeg (20901 bytes) Cyrus watching... Ashlyn and Lee.jpeg (27210 bytes) Ashlyn and Cyrus
Lee and Ashlyn.jpeg (34396 bytes) Cyrus and Ashlyn "How the...?" Ashlyn.jpeg (25036 bytes) Ashlyn
Michele and Lee1.jpeg (34114 bytes) Michele and Cyrus "Before the picture" Michele and Lee.jpeg (30024 bytes) Michele and Cyrus "After the picture"
Candis.jpeg (39724 bytes) Candace Candace and Anna getting ready for the night.
0Anna and Candis2.jpeg (39883 bytes) Candace and Anna together  0Steve and Candis.jpeg (42121 bytes) Candace and Steve
Steve.jpeg (36735 bytes) Steve Steve2.jpeg (40406 bytes) Steve "You see..."
0Anna.jpeg (45350 bytes) Anna Cash tending the fire.jpeg (24932 bytes) Cash tending the fire
0Damara, William, Angus, Cyrus, Ashlyn, and Katie by the fire.jpeg (32076 bytes) Damara, William, Angus, Cyrus, Ashlyn, and Katie by the fire. 0William and Cyrus by the fire.jpeg (19212 bytes) William and Cyrus by the fire
0William, Dave, and Terese talking.jpeg (33228 bytes) William, Dave, and Teresa talking 0Dave.jpeg (31009 bytes) Dave half light
Dave1.jpeg (27306 bytes) Dave 0William.jpeg (45717 bytes) William
William.jpeg (26975 bytes) William getting ready for the night