News and Updates

Noctum Gladius is getting into HEAVY WEAPON fighting! We currently have 6 authorized fighters, and more on the way.


The house of Noctum Gladius and the house and Dirty Rotten Pirates have joined! We are now one large house! 

We are working on creating a new form of fighting in the SCA. We are calling this form Unarmored Combat. We are basing this form on unarmored period combat. We are taking the fighting from such manuals as: Medieval combat, Tolhoffer, I33, Fore. These are documented period fighting styles that were fought without armor. The weapons will also be different, we are using specially constructed weapons for the new form. The construction manual is on the files page. The new weapons are made to look like a sword, and made to be safe for the slight increase of power. We are doing demo's all over the place, so just look for an announcement.  

  I am passing along some sad news, the SCA is banning light weapons in the kingdom of Caid, our house needs the support of everyone out there to get this reversed.  come to the CP prize tourney and get a gold armband.  It will show everyone that you support lights and do not support the removal of the combat form. we thank you all for your support ahead of time.


March Hare was a good event for Noctum Gladius. Gregor Am Turic won the lights tourney, named Defender of the children of Caid! While his son Broc won the 7-9 Boffer tourney undefeated! Way to go Gregor and Broc!


At the friendship tourney Cassius won undefeated, he fought thru 27 fighters to make it there! Way to go Cassius! Gregor made the death scene of the day, falling in a spectacular fashion into another eric!  We are looking forward to March Hare.


Well we are currently working out how the government of our household is going to work, we are making significant steps in that direction. the event coming up that most of the household are going to attend are the collegium on march 2nd, at Clermont college. then we are going to the Calafia/Gyldenholt friendship tourney on march 23rd. The next war we will be going to as a household will be Potrero war on the 24th of may. we will keep the news flowing as fast as we can get it. Gregor


Well we had kingdom war practice this past Sunday, and the turnout was very good.   two of the Califians showed up, Loclyn and Aleyn More. From our groups in Gyldenholt; Rich, Cara, Demara, Cash, Woman, Wife beater, Sara, Corvin, Supergirl, Scotsman, Broadsword, and Trei. We all fought different battles together, everything from melee to the gold game.  we then had a bridge battle which was very fun. While we were fighting on the bridge the Captain of the Caidian Army gave us all tokens to say thank you for supporting the war practice. We talked with the Califians about getting together more often to fight with them all.  if any of our members have any ideas, let us know. Gregor