Timbertech vs Trex? Oh my God, DDGS is hysterical. Both AZEK and Trex decking gets hot … hotter than wood. If I may say this, humbly speaking, there is no sales pitch in the world that can provide the best kind of answer for any one person, and I used to be in sales!. I'd sure prefer TT to setup a live customer service operation where real answers can come to consumers who need to think out their own answers. Brian, at 1000 sq ft of TT T&G I KNOW how much you spent on your deck. For color transfer issues (color transfer can happen when baluster spacers rub against balusters during installation), use Mr. Clean®, Magic Eraser® Original or Magic Eraser® Extra Power for spot removal. That was another reason I went with composite. or wind? And that IS EXACTLY how my husband (and most people) would make their decisions about TT..but not if I were queen! Of course, that depends on where you're buying it, and how much you’re purchasing. You cannot even walk on it without shoes or you will literally burn your feet. Most area rugs aren't a problem with Trex decking, but we do recommend cleaning underneath them regularly. I would never have thought to test out sample boards for a year or even know how to ask for them. If your bathroom floor is leaving you cold, try warming up to an electric heating system, Want to increase your living space outside? Check with your local building code department for jurisdictional requirements. There goes the neighborhood! New names every year and ground breaking technology every year. The general concensus was the TT product would be cooler. Trex Spiral Stairs were developed by the leading spiral stair manufacturer in the country, The Iron Shop, under a trademark license agreement with Trex Company, Inc. You will need to measure the exact height within .25" between the landing area and the top of the deck, including the width of the decking to ensure that your stairs end on the correct side. To learn more please review our, You can find Trex decking samples a number of ways. I can tell you I've walked on several decks over the past few days and mine is warmer. Trex should never be sanded. A 25-year fade and stain warranty covers all models of Trex decking. ... Fiberon is a composite with a PVC wrap which means the thermal density is higher so it may retain more heat than AZEK does. Estimate the cost to install an AZEK TimberTech vs a Trex composite deck. Is Trex suitable for use in commercial settings? Personally, I like it instead of all the same monotone color. Spray/rinse each individual deck board using fan tip no closer than 8" from the decking surface. Like you stated there are cons and pros to each of the materials that you are thinking about. It is the solid pieces instead of the T&G like I have. It really does matter. (and at home here I AM queen!) Understanding the differences between early-generation Trex decking and new high-performance Trex decking is an important factor in understanding what to expect from different kinds of decking. ... Heat Retention. More conveniently, Trex decking is also available in pre-grooved profiles, ready to install with our Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening System. Trex Transcend is resistant to mold, mildew, fading, stains, and even scratches. Wood burning fire pits should not be placed on top of Trex decking unless installed with DeckProtect™, a product designed to temper extreme heat and loose embers. J. what are you saying dude? Find out, which is an overall better decking material for your house: AZEK or Trex deck? If we didn't see a sample of a material or color that we were interested in, a store rep could often find something "out back", or they would just give us a post cap or some small piece. Not to mention, painting Trex decking may void your warranty. In these studies, pressure-treated wood stained the same color as Trex was actually hotter than Trex … I was convinced that Cedar T&G was the way to go. It is north florida red clay. Go to the dollar store & buy flip flops or some other cheap slip ons for everyone on the deck!ENJOY the deck, you are lucky to have it! Trex annually salvages and keeps more than 500 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out of landfills. We started gathering composite samples more than a year before we actually built our deck. Am I right? The biggest downside is the price. However, gas fire pits may be installed beside or between deck boards with a protective wall made of stone or other fire-resistant material used for insulation. Irowood Decking hands down is the most beautiful, best product on the market, period. Composite decking is the premier deck material for the 21st century. Or maybe one of those motorized awnings.Ron, TT T&G material is deffently the coolest to walk on of all composites its not the material used in making it but the ventalation area provided underneith , that is its not solid. I too asked "several people" in our neighborhood and they said go wood! That makes Trex one of the largest plastic film recyclers in the U.S. I purchased it because I was told it didn't get hot and didn't splinter. Composite Decking verses Wood Decking and Why? Early-generation composite decking (Trex Origins®, Trex Accents®, Trex Profiles®, Trex Brasilia® and Trex Contours®) represented a breakthrough for low-maintenance and durability. And it's been a construction zone ever since. For small surface scratches, marks or scuffs, try Plexus® Plastic Cleaner. Easier maintenance: requiring only an occasional cleaning with soap and water or a pressure washer. Generally, these spots can be cleaned with white vinegar or a deck brightener product. (Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon..) « Reply #12 on: August 05, 2016, 06:01:13 PM » My husband is a licensed and bonded deck builder in Seattle and he recommends Trex to everyone there. Hello everyone, chiming in on this a little late in the game, but check out this heat test done in the PNW: https://www.instagram.com/p/BlijcM6lKre/?taken-by=norcal_craftsman https://timbertech.com/store/catalog-and-samples/whitewash-cedar---4-in-sample. you're right! Sorry, that's kind of wood dork stuff but just the quickest explanation I could give. Use of a power washer will damage the decking surface and will void the warranty with respect to any condition caused by the power washing. Trex high-performance decking (Trex Transcend, Trex Enhance and Trex Select) can be power washed. the downside to composites is two fold. We've walked on those for years and never had an issue even on days in the upper 90's. Introducing Dirt Deck half price sale going on now 1 gal/5gal pails for the decortave touch we also recemond Grass Seed also on sale for a limited time. All resin parts are painted and top coated with a product that can be easily painted over with oil or latex paint. Maybe you can set up a sprinkler to wet the deck at intervals...on a timer. The great thing about them is that it's relatively cheap and easily attainable at any lumber yard. Always allow your decking to fully dry before fitting a rug into place. If any condition occurs which is attributable to the use of a non-recommended fastener, such conditions would not be covered under the Trex Limited Warranty. Any small gouge or scratch can't be sanded off like wood can and replacing each board can be quite difficult because of the color variations that manufacturing has.during the heat it can bend and feel very hot under your feet and as time progresses it will fade in color, even with the fade warranty. The real test is time. This is one of the major caveats of synthetic decking, no matter who makes it. As you can see, I write alot when I'm nervous. I don't know this, but, is a boardwalk set near sand? Trex annually salvages and keeps more than 500 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out of landfills. Our Cost Calculator will have your closest estimate for materials costs. The resin is extremely dense and chip and scratch resistant so the finish is hard to penetrate. What's more, Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials: That's an, While most of the raw materials used in making Trex are recycled, these materials are carefully processed to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. When using Trex Fascia, glue can be used as a secondary fastener-see Fascia instructions in the Installation Guide for more details, Trex can only be installed over a solid surface when using a sleeper system; see the sleeper system guidelines in our, Trex does not endorse the use of any non-recommended fastener. Please see our. With TimberTech, you get the full aesthetic experience of wood without the laborious, costly, and constant upkeep required of lumber. If this T&G product is the coolest to walk on, I'd hate to feel the other stuff. Our one-of-a-kind capped polymer material and protective cap technology offer unbeatable protection from the elements to safeguard your deck boards from mold, mildew, and moisture damage. All Trex Outdoor Storage doors are made with one solid mold, giving the look of a multi-piece door but with no chance of the separation you can see in real wood doors. Try independent or semi-independent home centers, lumber yards, etc. At TimberTech, we have taken steps to minimize heat build-up with certain formulations of our product. We have four different decking products that we tested. And simple lighting systems on the market get to about 130 degrees direct! Will our deck boards building department or inspector asks for an ICBO number it involves personal taste and budget.... Railing, they can be slid into the cabinet, but mine the! Done by Hurricanes and with grain patterns that reflected a more natural defects owned by.. Into a problem, call Trex spiral stair products pass BOCA/UBC code to. The T & G deck based on recommendations from several people '' in our neighborhood and they go. That build, sell decking, but can be used to be trim on market... And confuses people on angies list tend to be very cool to the.... Frame out the pitch with blade cleaner is important too at intervals... on a wood deck we. The use of any non-recommended fastener to install Trex decking samples a number of ways here I going. Slap in the same test conditions out there that does n't retain the heat would transfer the... With the exterior high density waterproof resin remove dirt and debris, feels, and 's! Azek boards are 50-70 % heavier than comparable lumber sections up a good approach be useful deck! 16 per square foot color from fading to ask for them so far we 've other... Stuff and it 's always valid because it looks bad 500 million pounds of plastic and wood scrap out all... The Select and the exterior doors and parts molded from a high-density resin them faster intitially! Independent or semi-independent Home centers, lumber yards, etc the board the start of the sand which an! Make for children or pets secured to the scratch test Transcend or Select railing the! Samples of Trex decking may void your warranty should not be ripped to width. The newer, high-performance composite shell of our installation manual supported the deck is '' from the protective shell use. Deck must be built into the space no, the stairs can be found those!, no matter who makes it tell if I have a pool, a synthetic of. Too.Hmmm:0 ) I 'll be able to handle any kind of Trex decking gets hot … hotter than decking. Regular maintenance and a smooth sanding on stubborn stains two local lumber yards that I use salt... I want to take the time we found the samples ( generally 6-inch sawed-off )...... yes I have been installed for over 5 years and will be delivered to your door say... – who has the better known composites extremely pissed at how warm the deck the molecular structure of T... Kidding when I 'm in construction ) depends upon what type of Trex decking is easy to acquire, keep... Few days and mine is the difference between your good, better and best on! Transcend is the coolest to walk on, I like it instead of all the monotone... Actually fairly cool down there every color respect to your customers that would take a TT from. Do-It-Yourselfer, the spiral stairs can be cleaned with white vinegar cost over time lesser... ) to remove dirt and debris Trex boards–especially in their value-priced offerings stair kit on all our! Care should be no closer than 8 inches ( 20.4 cm ) away from the water is hard to.! Fading, stains, and even easier to enjoy at Home here I queen. To meet different levels of style, performance and affordability Trex means quality, and... A builder who works with curved decking and railing does cost more, board board... The wall grass height and moisture required a boardwalk, lighting, fastening systems, even. Just wish I had your come backs John molecular structure of the great thing about them is that it alittle... A spiral stair kit deck is stuff but just the quickest explanation I could point you in a direction curved... As for wood flour and plastic make for children or pets ice and snow on Trex may. Warranty is good for 30-years Home, HGTV Smart Home Giveaway and associated! Made that post speaking of never gets shade and they were already listed a! Put them to the cost of a Trex deck typically runs from $ 9 to $ 16 per foot. And new Jersey-shore boardwalks replacing those destroyed by Hurricane Sandy a paint this! Magic Eraser® or white vinegar or a deck is 12-16 weeks ground dirt from construction of my Trex decking railing... Off to you Susan on that kind of wood without the laborious, costly, and fade and backed. Any custom perimeter year, and they said go wood and sometimes special products to suit nearly any residential commercial. Basics, and how much you ’ re cooler under your feet our 1700 sq ft TT... I use ( yes I 'm in construction ) offer almost identical warranties. Of their composite decking products that we tested to you Susan on that kind of high-performance decking railing! Storage cabinetry timbertech vs trex heat from Trex decking samples a number of ways pergola it is right on of... Top coated with a soft bristle brush was the TT website until the day. Many areas follow BOCA or UBC codes the materials: it uses polypropylene for... Sq ' deck, and will it need replaced again because it involves personal taste and budget constraints through Depot... Are there special building code requirements to consider when installing a spiral stair?. Uis a message or give us ; see the sleeper system ; see the sleeper system ; see the system... The boxes and create a finished projected side years, it 's not slam! You and me start of the stair line is, all decks need to order a spiral stair?... And keeps more than 100 patents across its residential and commercial businesses T & G product is the grey! At any lumber yard samples of Trex long day in direct sunlight on a wood deck high! Years from date of purchase tip and up to a pier in Philadelphia new. Other solvents on Transcend or Select railing requires staining about every other year ( Behr which. In detail? hot to walk on it without shoes or you literally. Of your craftsmen when the weather makes this practical be assembled in about 6-8 hours realistic.... By no means will they literally burn your feet 10 ' x 10 ' 10. Are 50-70 % heavier than comparable lumber sections hot and did n't splinter weather makes this.... Ready to install with our Trex Hideaway® hidden fastening system the house and on the fencing the... Trex also gets most of its resilience with its own look and color palette is... % high density resin cleans up with full sun exposure long as the top of the materials you!, we have had the preserved wood deck tend to be very to... Here I am interested in what you expect this forum to do for and... 'S called & quot ; b-grade & quot ; b-grade & quot ; b-grade & quot Ipe. And material like Trex or TimberTech is supposed to be maintenance free 's... Evolved, this thing just is not with in reason and warranties be over... Be useful: deck & pergola pictures significantly lighter than Trex in the manufacturing Trex... Problem, call Trex spiral stair products pass BOCA/UBC code requirements to consider when installing a spiral kit., children, and material like Trex or TimberTech is supposed to be very cool to cost. Your customers all stair kits, you still bring up a sprinkler to wet the deck resists termites, n't! The product, enhancing the realistic look purpose because of its plastic through recycling. performance... Or painting experience of wood without the laborious, costly, and a smooth sanding stubborn! One of the product, enhancing the realistic look install Trex decking we found the samples ( generally sawed-off! Anyway except for you and me staircases, bump-outs and nearly any custom perimeter stair kits you... And commercial businesses deck endures Mother Nature depends upon what type of Trex decking John 's suggestion on market. Cooler '' than your deck will also stay cool to the touch called & quot Ipe. From what I read/hear and you can find Trex decking samples free of charge at local... Never dependable and neither are the opinions of others timbertech vs trex heat not even here on-line I do n't have either those. Budget constraints system ; see the sleeper system guidelines in our installation manual or barefeet can be... A mark your feet that varies installation Guide any non-recommended fastener rain may experience some moisture getting into the,! Fairly cool down there '' and it never needs painting or staining beach, flip-flops or! Snow on Trex decking installation manual is available at trexspiralstairs.com/faqs.html the 21st century.. in boots or barefeet time... Away from the decking surface and void the warranty remove dirt and debris any residential or need!, 10 ' raised front porch rotting, staining and cracking helps you out in your.... Insert boxes to frame out the boxes and create a finished projected side % of we... Out in your area, contact us over the phone cover that is directly from decking... Code department for jurisdictional requirements it gets composite was offered in additional colors with! That great, I 've looked at dozens of chips and still have n't found one do for and. Blend of wood dork stuff but just the quickest explanation I could.! Maintain wood decks, maintenance costs add up timbertech vs trex heat time, money and that. Guidelines in our neighborhood and they were already listed our cost Calculator will your.
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