What is the age requirement for Shinai:

To Join Shinai you must be at least 15 years old. If you are under 18 years of age then the we need to have permission from your parent (s)/guardian (s), Before you are allowed to train or fight.

What do I need to do to join: 

Show up on a Friday night ready for fun. Wednesday night is currently on hiatus.

Can anyone join:

As long as you meet the age requirement, and can physically handle the fighting.  The only other requirement is to have the right attitude, we are a non-official group that meet to practice and have fun.  We accept any to join.

Do I have to pay a fee:

You do not have to pay anything to the group or any member of the group.  We have a few spare shinai's that we will let you use for a short period of time.  You will need to buy your own equipment to continue to fight.

What Equipment do I need for Shinai:

You will need to buy gloves.  We recommend you get these as soon as possible.  Your hands will get hit.  The price for gloves can range from $20.00 to as much as you want to spend.  The most important thing to look for in gloves that the thumbs are movable.  You will also need to buy a shinai. The price for a shinai can range from $19.00 to $500.00. After that it is up to you what else to get.

Are there any other days/times that Shinai meets:

There are many other groups out there fighting. Contact us and we might be able to point you in there direction.

How often do I have to attend Shinai:

We would like you to attend every week. However there is no set number of times that you must attend.  The more you attend the more you learn, the more you learn, the better you get.  Once you attend Shinai you will find it is fun, very addictive, and will not be able to stay away.

Who can watch:

Anyone can come and watch.  There are a few rules for watchers, we call then sideliners.  The group is here for the fighters.  Watchers cannot interfere with the fighting, there is NO drinking, or drugs, and watchers must be mindful of smoking.  Trash cannot be left, we have a trash can and require every one at Shinai to use it.  Any one who brings a child is required to supervise their child at all times.  Remember Shinai is for fighting, and the fighters.

Where can a special weapon be used?

With the exception of pole arms, any special weapon that is approved can be used for special weapon battles. Pole arms are only allowed at Wednesday. Wednesday night is currently on hiatus.

What constitutes a special weapon:

Any weapon with less that four slats is a special.

Any weapon that is longer than a standard 39, or shorter than a standard 32 shinai is a special.

  Any weapon that is made from something other that bamboo is a special.

What materials can be used in construction of a special:

You can get as creative as you like when making a special.  No metal of any kind is to be part of any striking surface, or blade.  The part of the weapon that is meant to be used as the striking surface has to be made to absorb most of the force of the hit.  When making a weapon keep in mind the safety of the group, and the function of the weapon in combat.  All weapons have to be inspected by someone in charge before they will be allowed on the battle field.

Who can make a special:

Any member can make a special, however only fighters that have been trained in the use of that weapon and/or show that they are safe can use it.

Who can I ask questions to:

Any question that you have should be directed to someone in charge.  To contact us go to the Contact page or show up at a practice and ask for someone in charge.  

What if I have a question that is not here:

Then either ask us directly at practice, or send us an email.


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