Announcing the 2006 Summer shinai Tournament!


When does the tournament start?

Sign in will begin at 11:30 am.

Competition will begin at noon.

The tournament should end about 3 pm.

Where will the tournament be held:

Conejo Valley Community Park
400 W Gainsborough Rd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
**Cross streets of Dover Ave., and Hendrix Ave.**

How does a tournament work?

There will be between six and eight events depending on the number of participants.

Each competitor will fight in all events.

We create the brackets for the events as follows: Everyone signs in on a sheet with numbers on it. You get the number of the box your name is in. Most people write their number on their arm or something so they remember it. We then randomly put the numbers in the event brackets. When we call people to fight we call out the numbers: "Number 4 and Number 17 in ring one! Number 7 and number 21 will be up next!", and so on. For the doubles teams; we will assign each team a letter and do the same thing.

Events are “single elimination”, that is, you lose and you’re out of that event.

The winner of each event moves on to the final round to determine the overall tournament winner. The final round is fought using single shinais.

The winner of the final round wins the tournament. We will also publish the overall results on the Myspace site.

How is judging done?

Normal hit rules apply except for the knife event where hands and feet are legitimate targets.

Each fight is refereed by two judges.

The judges are there mostly to decide difficult situations (mostly when people hit each other at nearly the same time). There tend to be a lot of “do overs” if there is some doubt as to who hit whom first.

The tournament fights are held in rings that are made of rope laid out in a square on the ground. If someone steps on or over the rope (that is, out of bounds), the judges will call "fault". If the fighter gets two faults in the same fight they lose the fight.

All decisions of the judges are final. We will not allow arguments with judges.

Most of the competitors will be asked to judge fights. This gives people experience in judging, keeps from sticking a couple of people with all the judging and lets everyone experience first hand that judging a sword fight is harder than it may look.

What are the events?

The basic events are:

Single Shinai: Unmodified 36 shinai or larger.

Sword and Shield: Any sword / any shield

Long Weapons: Thrusting and / or slashing pikes, spears or naginatas six feet or more in length.

Freestyle: Any weapons except bows or throwing weapons.

Double Shinai: 34 shinais or larger. Shinais in the double shinai event must have all four slats but may have basket or other modified hilts.

Knives: The rubber I&I knives or equivalent.


Two man teams: This will be consist of two person teams fighting with single shinais. The teams will be formed before the tournament begins. People are free to pick the person they wish to fight with however Mr. Sintic and myself reserve the right to rearrange the doubles teams if it seems necessary.


What do I get if I win?

We are still working on that.

Are spectators allowed?

Absolutely! The “no spectators”, rule is suspended for tournaments.

Should I bring anything?

We would appreciate if some people would bring water for everyone to share.

We have received a lot of good feedback so far. Thanks to everyone who has been helping set up this event. Please let me know if you have any questions further questions or comments.