Battlemen’s Guild and Society of Ancient Arms and Warfare 2007 summer tourney


What is the date of the Touunament?

Saturday June 9th.


When does the tournament start?

Sign in will begin at 11:30 am.

Competition will begin at noon.

The tournament should end about 3 pm.


Where will the tournament be held:

Conejo Valley Community Park
400 W Gainsborough Rd
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
**Cross streets of Dover Ave., and Hendrix Ave.**


Tournament Format


There are nine tournament events. All fighters will compete in three mandatory events:

In addition to the mandatory events, each fighter will choose at least three additional events from the following list:

 (Optional events which have less than eight persons signed up will not be run.)

 The winners of each event will participate in the Final Round to determine the tournament winner.


Registration and Tournament Set Up


  1. Fighters need to arrive and register before the tournament begins!

  2. Each fighter will sign in on the individual sign up sheet and will take the number of the line they sign in on.

  3. Each fighter and a partner will sign in on the team sign up sheet and will take the letter of the line they sign in on.

  4. After signing in each fighter will have a number for their individual fights and letter for their team of two. These are used to randomly assign fighters in brackets on the event sheets.


After sign in, fighters and teams are assigned randomly in brackets for the various events. All matches are single elimination with the winner moving up the bracket to the next round or the event until only one fighter remains.

 Fighting Area:

Matches occur in rope rings set out for the tournament. The rings are approximately 20 feet on a side. The two person team and long weapons events may use double rings.

 Tournament Marshals:

A committee of Marshals is formed for the tournament. Marshals are usually the senior members of the various participating groups. The duties of Marshals are:

 Match Judges:

Match Judges are chosen from known and respected members of the participating groups. Occasionally there will be people who are judging and not fighting but usually judges are also participating in the tournament. If you are asked to judge, please lend a hand. Better yet, don’t wait to be asked. Otherwise the same few people will be doing all the work. Judging in a tournament can be tiring and is often difficult so we need to spread the duties around as much as possible.


Conduct of Matches


A judge will call out the numbers of two fighters who need to immediately proceed to the ring for their fight. If your number is called and you are already fighting or judging in another ring say so and the judge will move on to another match. It is important to listen for your number otherwise the tournament will quickly bog down!


Event Details


Single Shinai:

·         Weapon:             A single unmodified shinai of size 37 or greater

·         Comment:            No other weapons are allowed


·         Weapons:            Any number or combination of weapons and shields

·         Comment:            No unarmed matches – as fun as they are they just take too long.

 Teams of Two:

·         Weapons:            Any combination of swords or shields

·         Comments:          Knives are allowed

·         No long weapons

 Double Shinai:

·         Weapons:            Any shinais of size 34 or larger

·         Comments:          Modified shinais are allowed

·         Knives are not allowed

 Short Weapons:

·         Weapon:             A single size 30 shinais or smaller

·         Comment:            Knives are not allowed


·         Weapon:             A single rubber knife.

·         Comment:            Hits to the hands and feet count in this event.

 Long Weapons:

·         Weapon:             Six foot or longer pole arm.

·         Comment:            Knives allowed only by mutual consent.


·         Weapon:             A large padded boffer.

·         Comment:            Knives are not allowed

Sword & Shield:

·         Weapons:            Any sword and any shield.

·         Comment:            Knives are allowed.

 Final Round:

·         Weapon:             A single unmodified shinai of size 37 or greater

·         Comments:          No other weapons are allowed