The beginning of a line battle. 

Cash and Don press Rich while Adam and Kneebiter hold the other side.

 Cash and Don get cornered.

Taking stock after the battle is over.

Don faces WildChild in  circle. 

Goth and Jeremy set to engage.

 Greg and Jeremy in circle.

Greg and Kneebiter in circle.

 WildChild faces a new girl in circle.

Roger and WildChild in circle. Adam gives pointers to a new guy.

Just after Kneebiter gets gutted by Sinbad. 

Kneebiter falls after being gutted.

Roger and WildChild battle in the middle.

Pilon and Adam corner the enemy. 

Adam strikes for the body, and Pilon shoots for a leg.

Cash decapitates his foe with Pilon looking on.

Damara and Pilon corner Tim and Jeremy

Pilon tries for an arm, but Jeremy moves out of the way. Damara blocks a shot from Tim. 

Cash lends support to the ongoing battle.

Eric "Wildchild" and Eric "no. 6" fight in the circle 

Greg and Allen cross swords in the circle.

Robert and Eric no. 6 fight to decide the outcome of a small war.

Robert and Groovy battle in  Circle

Tall Allen faces Jeremy in battle.

Melissa "woman" and Will hold one side, while Rich valiantly holds the other.

Groovy and Adam try to beat past each others defenses.

Adam and Tall Allen clash.

 Groovy and Adam try to get around the sides for a flanking maneuver on the other team

Rich, Woman, and Will take on Cash, Jeremy, and Groovy


Robert faces Tall Allen in  circle.


Robert and Rich smack each others forearms in circle.


Doc throws a shot that Groovy luckily blocks.

Tall Allen, Groovy, Cash, and Johnnie "kneebiter" charge Rich.



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