Thousand Oaks Tourney. Feb. 2006

Group picture



















Greg ready to fight paired weapons.

Greg fighting Jeremy in single sword.

Greg fighting Jeremy.

Greg knife fighting Tom

Greg knife fighting ?

Token prepares for battle

Token fighting Todd

Token fighting Todd 2

Gab fighting ?

Gab going for it.

Hum, not sure that is what he was aiming for...

Greg's reaction

Token and Gab talking about the fighting

Token fighting ?

Greg and Tom

Tom ready for battle

Tom (Battlemens guild), Brandy, and Rich chatting on the side.

Brandy using a funky weapon off to the side of the tourney.

Myion fighting his little one on the side.

HOLD! Cell phone rang... (she didn't let him get away with that. She hit him anyway. Good girl!)

The winners of the different events

Over View of Tom and Brandy fighting after the tourney, before Capture the flag.

Capture The Flag battle starts.

Capture The Flag battle first clash.

Capture The Flag battle uphill.

Capture The Flag battle middle of the field.


Capture The Flag battle. Two shield fighters wait for fighting.

Capture The Flag battle. Two shields square up, a backstab coming. Archer in the background.

Carrying the wounded into battle. "I'm not dead, just missing my legs! I can still stab 'em!"

Capture The Flag battle, crowd is thinning out.


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