Age (1973) 31

Married   I am not only married but happily so. I have my wife's permission to say so.

Occupation   I am a shipper for a manufacturing company.

How did you get introduced to Shinai   A friend brought me to Shinai.

Length of Tenure    October 1993

Favorite Weapon   36

Shinai Style   I am always trying new things to see if they work. If so I incorporate it into my style. I guess you could call my style Street fighting.

Favorite game   I like the healing games the best. They give newer people a chance to stay alive longer and get a taste of combat. It also changes the way people fight, they use more strategy than 'kill the one in front of me'.

Likes   I enjoy Shinai because it is a workout, a social event, and combat. I also like to role-play, watch movies, listen to a variety of music, and I enjoy the wilderness.

Dislikes   People with bad attitudes, stuck-up people, depressed people, racism, sexism, and ageism.

Quote   Everyone dies. Not everyone lives.