Rules of Shinai Combat

1-No head shots!!!
Do not hit anyone in the head! However if it occurs,  the person who was hit in the head decides they need to step out due to the head shot. If so, then the fighter that hit them should also step out.  The exception to this is if the fighter hit in the head caused the hit.

2-No thrusting!!!
Do not thrust, poke or jab!

The gauntlet extends from the bend in the elbow down to the finger tips. If you are hit in the gauntlet it does not count, continue fighting. However, you cannot block with the gauntlet. If you do, then you lose the arm. Unless the arm blocked a killing shot, then you treat the hit as though the arm was not there, and take the kill.

4-Ankle Gauntlet
The ankle gauntlet extends form the ankle down. If you are hit in the ankle gauntlet it does not count, continue fighting. However, you cannot block with the gauntlet. If you do, then you lose the leg.

Do not intentionally swing hard! We are out here to have fun and learn, not to hurt people. If you are hit hard, then ask the fighter to watch their power. If you are asked to watch your power then please do so.

Any hit form behind kills you no matter where or how hard. Please keep in mind that the tap is a courtesy. Accept it and extend the courtesy to others.

Fly-fishing consists of holding your weapon on the bottom half of the hilt during a swing. Any hit from this type of swing does not count.

8-Taking hits
When you get hit, think about the hit. Would it have cleaved you? Or would it have just drawn blood? If it is just a scratch, it does not count. A cleave is when two or more inches of the blade contact your body. Drawing blood is when less than two inches of the blade contact your body. Note that this does not in any way, shape or form imply power.

9-Loss of limb
When you lose an arm tuck it behind your back. When you lose a leg either drag the leg or hop on your other leg. When you lose two limbs you are dead.

Newbies must be trained by a veteran fighter. This means the veteran must spar with the Newbie, tell them the rules, and  make sure they are able to control themselves. Anybody with experience can go over the rules with a newbie, however only a veteran can train.

Rules of Shinai Site

1-Train Tracks
Stay AWAY from the train tracks!!! We mean it!

2- Dock
The area for sideliners is on the dock. That is the raised area next to the fighting field. This is an area just for people that do not fight, and/or not currently fighting. No one is allowed to fight on the dock (except to play with a child for a minute).

3- Fighting area
This is the lower platform, where the trees are. It extends from the black iron fence, over to where the cement ends and the brick begins. From the dock to the small brick wall. That center square is the fighting area, no where else is fighting allowed.

4- Training area
Training, and sparing is allowed on the brick space where the water fountain and benches are. This area is from the fighting field to where the walk way to the parking lot begins. From the wall on one side to the wall on the other side. Do not train/spar in the walkway to the parking lot, or on the cement towards the tracks, or past the start of the walk way. All of that area is for the cafe, and the train depot. Once circle is called, training and sparring is not allowed on the battle field and must be moved here. Training and sparing are ONE-on-ONE, for teaching only. 

5- Trash
ALL trash must be picked up and put in the trash cans! We have two trash cans located right next to the field, there is NO REASON to leave your trash laying around. Please put it where it goes. If you are the last person to leave, you are the one that makes sure the site is left clean.


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