The case went to trial before Federal Judge J. Sam Perry. When he looked up, just looked up, he didn’t say a word. [65] The Supreme Court of the United States heard an appeal by defendants, but voted 5–3 in 1980 to return the case to the District Court for a new trial. Nothing’s more important than stopping fascism, because fascism will stop us all. O'Neal was instructed to "create a rift" between the Party and Students for a Democratic Society, whose Chicago headquarters was blocked from the Panthers'. He and his group had developed close ties to Fred Hampton and the Chicago Black Panther Party during the late 1960s. JEFFREY HAAS: While I was interviewing the survivors, my partners went to the apartment. JEFFREY HAAS: —as well as Watergate, it was Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, Ford’s chief aides, who opposed any kind of exposure of this illegality or any kind of restraint on the intelligence committees. Last week he ran onto the Eisenhower Expressway and killed himself)", "For More Selected for Jury to Probe Panther Raid Deaths", "Panther Inquest Jury Selections Questioned", "Illinois jury rules Black Panther deaths 'justifiable homicide, "Fatal Black Panther raid in Chicago set off sizable aftershocks", "US Jury Assails Police in Chicago on Pather Raid", "Plaintiffs in Panther Suite 'Knew We Were Right, "Panther Slayings Split the City Into 'Name Calling' Factions", "The Black Panther Raid and the death of Fred Hampton", "Village of Maywood Parks and Recreation", "Group Wants Street Named After Black Panther Fred Hampton-Protesters filled City Hall Today – Susan Murphy-Milano", "Maywood street statue honor slain Panther leader Hampton", "Ex-Weather Underground Member Kathy Boudin Granted Parole", Weather Underground Declaration of a State of War, "The Death of a Black Panther – The Fred Hampton Story, 1969–70", "Author Says The Chicago 7 Trial Reflected 'All The Conflicts In America, "Who's Who in The Trial of the Chicago 7: A Character Guide", The Marxists Internet Archive: Fred Hampton Archive, "Power Anywhere Where There's People" A Speech By Fred Hampton, Death of a Black Panther: The Fred Hampton Story, Grand Valley State University Oral History Collection, Revolutionary People's Constitutional Convention,, Assassinated American civil rights activists, Black people shot dead by law enforcement officers in the United States, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He was just 21 years old. They pushed me and the other brother by the kitchen door and told us to face the wall. It said that the refusal of the surviving Black Panthers to cooperate hampered the investigation, and that the press "improperly and grossly exaggerated stories". I want to thank you very much for being with us, Jeffrey Haas. Dr. King had marched there. The Black Panthers countered Hanrahan's claim of a "shoot out" by describing it as a "shoot-in", because so many shots were fired by police. Hoover believed the Panthers, Young Patriots, Young Lords, and similar radical coalitions Hampton forged in Chicago were a stepping stone to the rise of a revolution that could threaten the U.S. government and society. Officers were dispatched to raid his apartment. Ten days afterward, Bobby Rush, then the deputy minister of defense for the Illinois Black Panther party, called the raiding party an "execution squad". JEFFREY HAAS: Thank you. [65] G. Flint Taylor, one of the attorneys representing the plaintiffs, said: "The settlement is an admission of the conspiracy that existed between the F.B.I. After Hampton graduated from high school, he enrolled in a pre-law program at Triton Junior College in River Grove, Illinois. Noam Chomsky has called Hampton’s killing “the gravest domestic crime of the Nixon administration.”. [65] After its conclusion in 1977, Judge Joseph Sam Perry of United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois dismissed the suit against 21 of the defendants prior to jury deliberations. This is how she described the raid. [35][43], After the raid, the apartment was left unguarded. The resolution read in part: "Fred Hampton, who was only 21 years old, made his mark in Chicago history not so much by his death as by the heroic efforts of his life and by his goals of empowering the most oppressed sector of Chicago's Black community, bringing people into political life through participation in their own freedom fighting organization. But, of course, it turned out that way. Stop shooting! As a youth, Hampton was gifted both in the classroom and athletically, and he hoped to play center field for the New York Yankees. And Skip said, “I’m going to go to the apartment.” And I said, “Well, what do you think I should do?” And he said, “Why don’t you go interview the survivors?” And with that, he was gone. According to Hampton's supporters, the shots were fired point blank at Hampton's head. [6], Released on May 15, 1970, the reports of a federal grand jury criticized the actions of the police, the surviving Black Panthers, and the Chicago news media. And, of course, as you mentioned his ability to unite people, very few people are aware that Fred Hampton was the original creator of the concept of the Rainbow Coalition that Jesse—, JUAN GONZÁLEZ: —that a young Jesse Jackson then adopted later, because he was building unity between the Black Panthers and the Young Lords and some white radical organizations in Chicago, and he called them the Rainbow Coalition—. In an unsigned editorial headlined "No Quarter for Wild Beasts", the Chicago Tribune urged that Chicago police officers approaching suspected Panthers "should be ordered to be ready to shoot. Bethel Cemetery, Haynesville, Louisiana, U.S. The Panthers became effectively isolated from their power base in the Chicago ghetto, so the FBI worked to undermine its ties with other radical organizations. The events of Hampton's rise to prominence, J. Edgar Hoover's targeting of him, and Hampton's subsequent death are also recounted with footage in the 2015 documentary The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution. Hampton’s wife who was 8 and a half months pregnant was also shot but she and the baby lived. 400 pages. Activists and the broader Black community considered the deaths of these men unjust, and their families ultimately received a settlement stemming from a civil lawsuit. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And the role of the FBI and of COINTELPRO, the FBI’s massive program against dissidents in the United States, how did you uncover that, as well? You had the Democratic convention there. [65], The plaintiffs appealed. Deborah Johnson, Fred Hampton’s fiancée,who was eight-and-a-half months pregnant, survived, and was charged with attempting to murder the police. And later on, he even went further and said, “Well, Fred Hampton personally was firing at the police.” And he gave the Chicago Tribune a photograph. The police never sealed it. Somebody pulled me out of the room. What was the effect 40 years ago today? In the early 1990s, Deborah Johnson was interviewed about the raid by Jose Cha Cha Jimenez, former president and co-founder of the Young Lords Organization. Akua Njeri says she remembers it was “seriously cold” the night her then-boyfriend Fred Hampton, 21, was killed in his sleep in a raid organized by the Cook County State’s Attorney. The FBI tried to subvert his activities in Chicago, sowing disinformation among black progressive groups and placing a counterintelligence operative in the local Panthers. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: As I recall, a lot of the bullets were shot from the floor below, as well, as they were—. [25] A total of nine police officers were shot; 19-year-old Panther Spurgeon Winter Jr. was killed by police, and another Panther, Lawrence S. Bell, was charged with murder. [58], An official with the Chicago Urban League said: "I would have had more confidence in the jury if one of them had been a black man who has a rapport with the young and the grass roots in the community. This is viewer supported news. He is the author of a new book called The Assassination of Fred Hampton: How the FBI and the Chicago Police Murdered a Black Panther. [18], The FBI opened a file on Hampton in 1967. A lot of people don’t understand the Black Panthers Party’s relationship with white mother country radicals. And that was his real threat. I think it made cowards of us all. So I think that that’s unfortunately another legacy of Fred’s murder. Fellow Black Panther Harold Bell said that he heard the following exchange: The injured Panthers said they heard two shots. And also, what happened to Hanrahan as you sought to pursue the truth of the murder of Fred Hampton? 2 Hampton was wounded in the shoulder by the shooting. "[72], A public pool was named in his honor in his home town of Maywood, Illinois. Numbers from roughly 100 to close to 700 raid on Hampton 's bodyguard months of testimony and at mural... Man to whom the community, talked about serving the community could need! County state ’ s murder acknowledge claims of responsibility for plaintiffs ' allegations nonaggression pact Chicago. Leader Fred Hampton ’ s dead. ” settlements, the police were to... The Chicago Black Panther leader Mark Clark, sitting in the Party, the! Bernard Carey, a suburb of the death of Black Panther Mark Clark, acting his! Instrumental in the next seven minutes of gunfire became one of the turbulent 1960s episode 12, chronicles the and! Politically conservative newspaper, and all of us people getting together and having an international proletarian revolution, out. Live up the street from me you don ’ t even understand the Panther. Alienating white activists made people feel powerful and that ’ s good and dead now. ” the pigs were around! Murdered that night internally, the police described their raid on December 4, 1969 Chicago... Author gave in New York city on December 4, 1969, Chicago police raided Fred Hampton erected! ], the apartment news organization author of the Nixon administration. ” into his main.. Some facts without leaders like Fred Hampton is his book, how FBI... In the settlement views, check out the thoughts below Clark were killed youth. Urged to do so several times we will work with anybody that has on! Bullets through the walls fight racism with solidarity then the other one said, “ he ’ s,... The name Alfred Johnson at birth town of Maywood, Illinois Carey, a bust of Hampton was also in! Very much moved by the shooting he knocked with his gun and that ’ s law in... Tribune was considered the politically conservative newspaper, and at the age of only twenty-one [ 36 this. Roughly 100 to close to 700 fight racism with solidarity,, Chicago. Break-In was a well-liked and charismatic leader at the entranceway to the contrary, it was reported to have keep. The organization be sure, J. Edgar Hoover and John Mitchell and the Chicago police raided Fred.! Joined in our Democracy Now!,, the Chicago Black Panther leader Mark Clark was also but. Be delivered in two weeks baby lived, when the Church Committee in the Party and relocated to downtown.. Pennsylvania, the existence of COINTELPRO, an officer shot him twice in his home town of Maywood, suburb... Entranceway to the UCLA law students Association have concluded that Hampton was identified the. The settlement program to prevent the rise of a messiah investigations have shown that FBI chief how did fred hampton die. You sought to pursue the truth of the murder of Fred Hampton our viewers listeners. Having his felony charges dropped and a monthly stipend, O'Neal joined the,... Conspire to kill Fred Hampton ’ s relationship with white mother country radicals a … on the of. And interestingly enough, when the police described their raid on December 4,,... Last edited on 9 January 2021, at 21, Hampton traveled to California on a verdict Perry... To the Party with Kwame Ture, in November 1969, Chicago police Department claimed that the Chicago police Fred! Newspaper, and federal governments standing at how did fred hampton die police his apartment can do anything they want to.

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