Positioned at a level of a standard chair, Kohler's bathtub makes bathing enjoyable and accessible for anyone. Entering and exiting the bathtub is … The step on a Kohler walk-in tub is just three inches, which is the lowest threshold available! Don’t let that fool you, however, as instead of showcasing several models to choose from, Kohler provides you with the option to preview a 3D model of a fully outfitted tub so you can get a sense of what to expect. Right Hand Walk-In Whirlpool and Air Bathtub in White The American Standard 32 in. The following companies participate in our Accreditation Program: American Standard and Kohler Walk-in Bath. ABOUT SIGNATURE STORES Experience Centers. Each tub has exterior side handrails and internal grab bars to give you plenty of … Benefits of KOHLER Bathtub Replacement Options. FAQs What Are Walk-In Tubs? Also may not be available in other areas. Best Kohler walk-in bathtubs for Sale Online: KOHLER WALK IN BATHTUBS Five bathing technologies offer unique experiences with real benefits. The Kohler walk-in bathtub comes with standard features found in other top-rated tubs, including handrails, anti-slip surfaces and a multifunctional showerhead. They are renowned on 6 continents for their bathroom and kitchen products, as well as their premier tile selections. Kohler walk-in showers include shower walls, showerheads and a sturdy low-entry base or bathtub. Kohler tubs are a … KOHLER Signature Stores help you tap into your imagination and discover new possibilities. Walk-In tubs typically have a door that swings in or out of the tub, and in some cases slides up and down. A traditional high-sided bathtub can make bathing difficult, or even dangerous. Kohler walk-in tubs are designed with slip-resistant seating and flooring, and have multiple handrails to aid your mobility when using the tub. Kohler walk-in bathtubs are installed by Kohler-authorized dealers located in virtually every state and can cost between about $12,000 and $17,000 with a full suite of luxury options. Kohler walk in tubs are perfect for unwinding after a long day, and they’re equipped with an array of features that you’ll love. OUTSTANDING PRODUCTS. How To Purchase a Kohler Walk-In Tub. Elevance cleans up very nicely with a timeless bathtub design that gives homeowners the feeling that it belongs in their bathroom, no matter how upscale. At first blush, Kohler only appears to offer a single model of walk-in tub. $1,000 off average price of a KOHLER ® LuxStone ® shower system (as defined by walls, base or tub, accessories, and faucet). Explore KOHLER bathing. Whirlpools, BubbleMassage, Effervescence, Baths, and VibrAcoustic. Plus, a multifunction hand-held showerhead is within easy reach. Since Kohler Belay Walk-In Baths are not available for sale at traditional home improvement retailers, I’d recommend purchasing a unit directly from Kohler themselves, as dealing straight with the manufacturer is a … Our design workshops promote creativity and exploration to help you take the next step toward designing the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. The full sized, V-shaped door with a low door threshold allows ease of entry and exit. Kohler is a US manufacturing company, based in Wisconsin, with over 140 years of engineering expertise.. Kohler walk-in bath cost can range from $12,000 to $17,000. While other tubs have more jets, the … Whirlpools, BubbleMassage, Effervescence, Baths, and VibrAcoustic. Kohler’s Belay hydrotherapy tub offers all the attractive design features of its walk-in tub model, including the wide door, the low entry threshold, the deep, wide contoured seat, the handheld showerhead with variable settings, and fast fill faucets coupled with a fast drain system. Thanks to an ultra-low entry, extra-wide door, and easy-to-grip handrails, entering the tub and seating yourself is effortless and easy. A grab bar positioned at the back of the bath provides additional balance when getting in … Fortunately, when it comes to choosing whether a walk-in shower or shower-tub combo is best for your space, KOHLER ® LuxStone makes the process simple.. Our flexible systems can feature a shower base for a luxurious walk-in shower or a traditional tub for a custom combination. Add to that exquisite functionality and a KOHLER ® walk-in tub can truly transform and elevate your bathing experience. Acrylic The American Standard 32 in. The KOHLER ® walk-in tubs and LuxStone ™ shower wall panels we install are world-class products that are not only functional and low maintenance, but are also incredibly attractive and customizable to suit your needs and bathroom décor.. The Kohler Walk-In Bath features design options that suit your personal style and décor. Kohler Walk-In Tubs. The door is also extra-wide for easy access. Dealer sets all prices and dealer is responsible for full amount of discount. Kohler only has a single walk-in tub model, the Walk-In Bath, but the customization features are numerous. Kohler may not have the number of models you’d expect from one of the most storied bathtub and plumbing manufacturers in the U.S., but the single walk-in tub it offers is a well-designed tub with all the premium options, like hydrotherapy jets, air jets, heated surfaces, quick draining and fast filling faucets, and a very low step-in. You can choose from nearly a dozen color combinations that include both the color of the tub and detailed wall designs to create a beautiful, finished bathroom around your tub. Features. Find KOHLER bathtubs at Lowe's today. Explore KOHLER bathing. Walk-In Baths. Kohler walk-in tubs stand out from the rest and their walk-in tub prices are some of the best around.. Acrylic walk-in bath provides the maximum in therapeutic soaking pleasure with the largest water capacity in our product line. They also have wider doors for better accessibility, plus wider seats for comfort, and a lower step-in to help prevent slips and falls. With 10 hydrotherapy whirlpool jets and 17 microbubble air jets, you get a luxurious soak with the Kohler walk-in tub. In Mind. Our tubs also come with the option of a handshower kit, making bathing even easier with three spray settings for your comfort. Walk In Tub Features Video | Kohler Walk-In Bath. Our safe step-in, extra-wide door and easy-to-grip handrails keep you safe and secure as you ease in and out of your bath. You deserve to have the very best remodeling experience you can have, so we’ll make … x 60 in. When it comes to luxury, simplicity, quality, and ergonomic design, it's very tough to beat Kohler's Elevance line of models (aka rising wall bathtubs). Grab Bars and Handrails for Safe, Solid Support. And our hydrotherapy and BubbleMassage™ jets create a spa-like experience, massaging your entire body as you soak. Kohler Walk-In Bath Cost. The Kohler Underscore Tub: Top Features When you’re trying to find the right tub for your bathroom, it’s safe to say that it’s all about finding the one with the best possible features—special tweaks that match up with your home and lifestyle. The Belay Hydrotherapy Bath offered by Kohler starts at $9,000. SAFETY. Evok Acrylic Rectangular Freestanding BubbleMassage™ Bathtub 18344IN-G-0 Rs.254,646.00 Evok Acrylic Rectangular Freestanding BubbleMassage™ Bathtub 18344IN-G-0 Rs.254,646.00 The Kohler Walk-In Bath is designed to fit in the space of your old bathtub. Belay Hydrotherapy Tub Ask Dealer For Pricing Details. As a result you can find Kohler products all over US in hardware and home improvement stores and from Kohler distributors. Acrylic Luxury 60 in. TOP-NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE. Kohler offers the Lux Stone Walk-In Shower for a starting price of approximately $4,000. Five bathing technologies offer unique experiences with real benefits. Statewide Remodeling is proud to offer these amazing tubs, and we know you’ll enjoy having one in your home. KOHLER walk-in baths are designed for older adults with the desire to age in place or a family member with limited mobility. Kohler walk-in baths cost $4,000 to $12,000 and include a heated backrest, whirlpool jets, an extra-wide seat and wide door, and a handshower. x 60 in. Kohler’s walk-in tubs have a low step-in threshold of 3” and are equipped with a Fast Drain to reduce drain times. The Kohler Walk-In Tub starts out at $4,000 and is one of Kohler's more affordable options.
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