David explains the continuing war of the Red Knight against the evil forces of the Ash King and his army. She first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (April 2014) and was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. Here she runs into her high school boyfriend, who is now engaged. [47], Cindy gained similar abilities to Peter Parker when she was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave him his abilities, though her spider-sense (dubbed by her as "Silk Sense") is far stronger than Peter's. Dissatisfied with her life, she joins S.H.I.E.L.D. Bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker, Silk has all of his powers, but with the addition of a stronger Spider-Sense (to her, Silk-Sense), an eidetic memory, and the ability to weave webbing straight from her fingertips. Amadeus reluctantly agrees to have the team continue helping Pan and to find out more about Nguyen; when the team goes their separate ways to different Pan sectors, Amadeus and Silk go to the Pan Grand Hotel to check on the Mandripoorian refugees. Woo reveals to all that for thousands of years, ancient dragons have served as advisors for human rulers, with the Atlas Foundation having its own dragon, Mr. Lao, serving him as well. Cindy Moon is Silk, or your new favorite Marvel character. academy. Extending claws, Silk slashes the Goblin Nation grunts' getaway car and webs them up, taking their loot, a safety deposit box containing Parker Industries tech. She finds her way to this dimension's Sims building and meets that dimension's spider totem, Ben Parker, in a nuclear bunker. [29] With S.H.I.E.L.D. Spider-Man immediately goes on to search for Cindy to break her out of the facility Ezekiel had kept her. 2, nos. Artists: Todd Nauck. SmooshyFaceCat. For everything. She runs straight out going to that location where she meets her brother now with a 'X' shape scar on the left side of his forehead embraces him. Despite given the chance to surrender, Sindr flees using the Black Bifrost, only for Silk and the others to follow her with Brawn's teleporter, where they help Captain Marvel defeat her and her remaining forces at the Great Wall of China near Beijing. undercover), and later went back to help Gwen and Jessica win the boss fight with Cindy-65, who utilized a gauntlet which replicates the abilities of the universes most formidable superhumans. A hologram of Nguyen offers an alliance between Pan, Atlantis and the Sirenas to Namor; before the king could retort the recovered Agents are able to catch up to Namor and resume fighting him. co.vu | Get a Free Domain for your crazy idea Wanting to move focus on the search for them, Cindy moves out of her friend's apartment and moves back into her old bunker, which she uses as a base of operations. From Marvel Comics. [13] Spider-Gwen and Spider-Girl (Anya Corozon) are assigned to supervise Silk, but she runs off on her own with Brix and Bora hot on her trail. After the event, a second volume began which concluded on issue #19. Nguyen clears up the misunderstanding, claiming that the Madripoorians had been out of range during Pan's activation and the Pan Guard mistakenly believed they were trespassing with help from invading serpents; Nguyen has the refugees escorted to the Pan Grand Hotel as special guests. All Comics Select 9 to 5 Agnes Animal Crackers Arctic Circle B.C. Shortly after they arrive at the lab, they discover a dimensional doorway which leads they to the Negative Zone. Silk holds the door back to prevent more infected hosts coming in and Mattie saves her from one of the carriers infecting her and passes out in the process. Mattie tells her that she's suspicious of the whole experiment as some of the other resurrected characters have been showing slight behavioral glitches and takes her to a place called "Haven" where they find Hector back in his own body. Cindy Moon is a fictional Korean American superhero, known as Silk, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is revealed to be The Bride, one of the three key totems. Unbeknownst to the agents, their actions are being monitored by Jimmy and Mr. Lao, the dragon adviser to the Atlas Foundation. While Ikeda reveals that the imprisoned dragon, which he captured a year ago for terrorizing the Mediterranean, is from Atlantis, an enraged Namor emerges from the waters off of Pan's coast and begins invading the city. Sindr is then ambushed by the agents, who defeat Sindr with Shang-Chi's training, although Pele (who is revealed to be M-41 Zu, a mystically enhanced Atlas Android) and Monkey King sacrifice themselves in the process. It is revealed that Silk is physically fine, but is dealing with anxiety issues, and is referred to a therapist (who she eventually visits in the seventh issue). Silk quickly spins a temporary mask for Peter and escapes with him back into Peter and Anna Maria's apartment. The newly summoned heroes are less than pleased for being taken out of their previous battle, but Pele quickly puts a stop to the infighting, warning the group that Sindr plans to melt the polar ice caps if they don't work together. Having anticipated this, Nguyen attaches a Sirena tech implant onto Amadeus, transforming him into the Hulk. A man by the name of Ezekiel Sims came and kidnapped Cindy to train her to use her powers to the best of her abilities. 's technology, she researches her father's meetings and eventually confronts him about his secret meetings with a mysterious doctor, who turns about to be a Tamara Pearson aka Fang. [37], Shortly after the War of the Realms event, Silk and a few members of the new agents are seen in Madripoor fighting one of Sindr's remaining Fire Dragons, where they encounter Isaac Ikeda, the self-proclaimed "Protector of Pan", who uses his technologically advanced weaponry to slay the dragon and teleports away with its corpse. Lauren Moon (Atypical, Good Trouble) is in talks to write Silk… And I love you, Albert. Created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos, Cindy Moon (AKA Silk) debuted in 2014's Amazing Spider-Man #4. Namor demands the group to return the dragon stolen by the Big Nguyen Company in a day or else face the wrath of Atlantis before making his retreat. THREE (3) Issue comic book Lot. Monologuing to herself, Silk reveals she'd been tailing the Goblin Nation for two weeks in order to avenge her brother who was infused with Goblin Formula and now has no memory of what happened to their parents. She eventually recovers the altered spider back from S.H.I.E.L.D. The entire incident ends with a depowered Electro and a missing Black Cat. Silk and the others are suddenly alerted by the news of Malekith's invasion of Earth; most of the New Agents of Atlas head to Seoul while Ms. Marvel joins Jake Oh and the Champions in New York. Silk is able to survive by creating a web-suit to shield her from radiation. Mike Nguyen of the Big Nguyen Company reveals himself to be behind the newly merged city, "Pan", which he states for 24 hours would allow every citizen to easily explore each other's respective cities without any political and economic restrictions. Spider-Man and Anna Maria Marconi arrive to stop the broadcast as Mattie reveals to J. Jonah Jameson her superpowers. Nguyen explains that since dragon scales contain magical properties associated with portals and teleportation, the imprisoned dragon was having its scales harvested to supply Pan's portal and teleportation technology. Cindy is then approached in her apartment by J. Jonah Jameson. [51], Fictional character in the Marvel Universe, Greg Pak (w), Mahmud Asrar (p), Mahmud Asrar (i), Nolan Woodard (col), VC's Cory Petit (let), Mark Paniccia (ed). [33], After taking part in a demonstration for Jimmy Woo's Pan-Asian School for the Unusually Gifted in Mumbai, Silk and the Protectors are offered membership to Jimmy's Agents of Atlas. Hector starts becoming Spectro again and prepares to attack Cindy. Collecting the first two chapters of the Infinite Comic series. During the ensuing fight, Cindy falls into one of the dumpster, and was saved by a mysterious figure called Spectro, who was revealed to be Cindy's ex-boyfriend Hector. SPIDER-MAN & SILK. Mere moments after biting Parker, the spider bites another young student named Cindy Moon. She and Human Torch also go on a date of crime fighting despite Peter's protests. After a discussion with her brother, therapist, and helping a child free his kite in the graveyard (which she was visiting to see Mattie's grave), she decides to enlist in S.H.I.E.L.D. When Ikeda is interrogated by Amadeus the team about his and Nguyen's motives, Issac explains that he was hired by Nguyen due to his expertise in fighting dragons, but offers little about Nguyen. [49], In the crossover event Spider-Women, it is revealed that the Cindy Moon of the Spider-Gwen universe is the head of a nefarious spy organization called S.I.L.K., and serves as the main antagonist of the event. Marvel's Silk is getting a new ongoing comic book series starting this July. During a banquet held in the Mumbai section of Pan, Amadeus confides with Cindy about his suspicions regarding Nguyen and Ikeda. She was a member of the Spider-Army / Web-Warriors and Agents of Atlas. The series is now rescheduled for March 2021. Rated T+ Cover price $4.99. After inheriting Ezekiel's fortune and drugging Cindy's father, she's kept her eyes on Cindy during her time during and after the bunker. [9] Silk is heartbroken to find that her family has moved. One day, J. Jonah Jameson looks at Cindy Moon's screen to find out that she was trying to find where her family is which also leads her to tell him everything about her. locks her up for her crimes and her counterpart teases her by sending her a care package with all the things she had in her bunker. She and Hector decide to investigate Jameson's room in New U Technologies and she uses her powers to create a different costume from her Silk outfit to avoid suspicion. After Daemos was slain, Superior Spider-Man (Doctor Octopus' mind in Peter Parker's body) blames Silk for Daemos' attack and suggests that they kill her. This was the reason for his misdeeds and the tries to help him out by enlisting the help of Spider-Man to find Black Cat's gang causing a show down between Silk and Black Cat which leads to Silk cutting her hair to escape. Black Cat then goes after the paralyzed superhero and begins to unmask him in front of live TV. [46] Under Nguyen's control, the Hulk makes quick work of the Atlas Agents. To prevent any further invasions against Pan, Nguyen commands the Hulk to kill Namor, much to the shock and anger of Pan's citizens. When Amadeus objects, Cindy notes that her spider-sense didn't go off, making Ikeda trustworthy. [42], In the Atlantis Attacks storyline, Silk and the other New Agents of Atlas are summoned by Brawn during his confrontation with Namor. However, their attraction makes them kiss. Silk hurries and begins spinning porous webs to catch the crashing helicopter. [19], During the events in the Spider-Women event, Cindy learns her counterpart from Earth-65 (home of Spider-Gwen) is the cause of Gwen's powers, and has traveled to Prime Earth to steal and reverse engineer the technology of the greatest minds of the universe for war mongering. [26] After J. Jonah Jameson and Marla leave for Marla's treatment, Mattie tells Cindy that she knows she's Silk and takes her to investigate the facility. Writers: Robbie Thompson. Cindy Moon is a fictional Korean American[2] superhero, known as Silk, appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. By Paul Yang Sep 04, 2020 Robbie Thompson (w), Stacey Lee (p), Stacey Lee (i). Dubbing their group "The Protectors", Woo rallies the group and bystanders into working together to escape, while Shang-Chi leads an attack with Silk and Ms. Marvel. While the four are in Luna's studio, they are interrupted when a white light engulfs the city. When Cindy Moon was a child, her parents found out that she had an eidetic memory. 8 appearances; The Astonishing Spider-Man. [39] Cindy, along with Brawn, Luna and Giant-Man team up with Ikeda to save several Madripoorian refugees from sea serpents; the refugees had been arrested earlier by the Pan Guard before Brawn and Luna intervened. Mattie helps Cindy deal with Hector who reverts to his ghostly form after his cloned body disintegrates. Moon has hidden a package that Cindy wanted Albert to open and tells Rafferty and Lola to stay out of their business while receiving instructions from a mysterious woman. Ships from and sold by Wonderworld Comics, Games, and Toys. When Amadeus summons the team to the Atlas secret bunker in Seoul, they are unexpectedly joined by Ikeda, who Raz invited. After Malekith's defeat, Silk is seen with the other Agents in Shanghai looking on while the captured Fire Goblins are escorted back to Muspelheim. Eventually, Black Cat discover her alliance with Mockingbird,[20] prompting Silk to fight her. When her mother found out, she was forced to go to the school field trip to General Techtronics and Cin told her she hated her. Afterwards, Peter and Cindy go to the Fact Channel's news station where they are attacked by Black Cat and Electro. Silk ends up following anyway which later angers Old Man Spider-Man when they arrive on Earth-928. When Ikdea and Wave announce their intention to side with the Sirenas, the disagreement escalates into a brawl between the two parties. [35] After formulating a plan, Brawn confronts Sindr and her forces directly while Aero, Wave and Luna use Sindr's black Bifrost to travel to the Arctic to decrease its temperature; Silk the others are teleported to Atlas' ally Monkey King of the Ascendants in Northern China where Shang-Chi begins training the remaining members for their final fight. Spider-Man and Silk managed to defeat them with the help of Spider-Woman, Spider-Anya, and Spider-Man 2099 as the final henchman is defeated by Spider-Girl of Earth-982, Spider-UK, and Spider-Ham. "[18], As part of the "All-New, All-Different Marvel" branding, Silk is on a stakeout at a skating rink. Amazing Spider Man 4 Cgc, Amazing Spider-Man #300, The Amazing Spider-Man #121, The Amazing Spider-Man #129, Amazing Spider-man #1, Amazing Spider-Man #252, Amazing Spider-man #50, Amazing Spider Man 692, The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Book Lots, 9.8 NM/MT Image Comics Copper Age Spider-Man Comics Afterwards, Cindy gets accepted for a job at the Fact Channel where she intends to use the information center in order to find her family.[10]. Before Cindy can leave, she's attacked by the resurrected Spider-Woman Mattie Franklin. The character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (April 2014) as a faceless cameo and was created by writer Dan Slott and artist Humberto Ramos. As Namor returns to Atlantis with Namora, Venus and Aero, the rest of the Agents uncover Nguyen in his personal bunker and confront him. He tells Cindy that he believes they're doing good work and introduces her to Mattie and Marla. Silk #1 … Before a decision can be made, a massive storm begins engulfing the city. After Spider-Man sends out the Webware Emergency Signal, J. Jonah Jameson and Silk find Marla and Mattie reduced to dust. 5 pcs Marvel Comics Spider-Man Heroes and Villains Vinyl Stickers - Includes Spider-Man, Silk, The Green Goblin, Venom and Carnage! A suspicious Amadeus rejects the offer, saying that the group are Agents are Atlas. Spider-Man calms Cindy down by telling her that Morlun is dead. While they have their fake fight for her to prove herself, they observe a strange shimmer which the two trace … The Protectors are eventually able to free themselves and defeat Phalkan and his forces with the help of the bystanders. Cindy's father Albert Moon Sr. is soon liberated from his prison and soon after the five say there goodbyes to their friends in the Negative Zone and re-enter the dimensional doorway. At Fact Channel, Rafferty and Lola look more into New U Technologies and tell Cindy they'll update her with more information. This is a passion project of mine after I read the Original Sin: Amazing Spider-Man and Silk comics.The Cindy Moon/Silk character was a very intriguing character to me and I was super into her relationship with Peter Parker. A live-action Silk TV show is in the works at Sony.How this fits into the greater MCU or specific to the Sony Spider-Man Universe remains to be seen, as does who will play the hero.However, Cindy Moon has already been introduced in the MCU.First appearing in Spider-Man: Homecoming as a classmate of Peter Parker, Cindy Moon (Tiffany Espensen) member of the decathlon team. with Jesse's help and releases it into the open, where it bit Gwen Stacy and led to her becoming Earth-65's Spider-Woman. Cindy makes her way out of the facility to finally see the city of New York, stopping only to make a costume out of her webbing. Amadeus becomes more suspicious when one of the Madripoorian refugees tells him and Silk about hearing dragons roaring from Nguyen's personal tower. has on her family's whereabouts. After arriving back in New York, Silk begins a career of crime-fighting while searching for her family after ten years, as well as continuing her job as a Fact Channel intern. 2-3, with Spider-Man having just learned that Silk is working undercover in Black Cat's gang. After Superior Spider-Man kills the Grand Weaver, she volunteers to take his place, but Karn decides to be the new Weaver, since through a time paradox he was the weaver all along. Her teleporter is broken and she is surrounded by the Inheritor twins, leading her to escape into Earth 001. [27] J. Jonah Jameson's broadcast causes the Carrion virus to start spreading worldwide. What Cindy doesn't know is that Albert Moon Sr. is in possession of the mysterious blue substance and delivers it to Fang who claims it is time to "put an end to Silk once and for all..."[24], During the "Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy" event, Cindy is glad to have her family back, but still feels distant from them and doesn't make as much of an effort to spend as much time with them. There was a spider-related incident in which Jesse Drew was nearly killed, but Cindy's research saves his life and gives him spider powers, with Agent Drew making it up to Cindy by becoming one of her top agents. Her powers first started coming about when her organic webbing accidentally caused her to web up her parents. prisoner convoy, Cindy chooses to stay with Black Cat (cont. S.H.I.E.L.D. Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them! A couple of days pass and it is shown to be the final incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-1610 as time is running out. Thank you for reading my first piece called Broken Webs. Discovering that her family has no official records of being around, save for some old files, she goes to her old neighborhood. The story takes place in the gutters between "Silk" vol. Silk helps the citizens find shelter as Brawn and Namor use their powers to weaken the tsunami. ( from the tsunami he receives a vision of the Spider-Army / Web-Warriors Agents. Our Full Stories: http: //bit.ly/comicstorianfullstoryTwitch!! spiderman and silk comic!!!!!... Find shelter as brawn and Namor use their powers to weaken the tsunami wyverns, the. Spider-Man sends out the Webware spiderman and silk comic Signal, J. Jonah Jameson Drew, and find out how to read!... Named Cindy Moon, who Raz invited the history about her bunker and Ezekiel them. 46 ] Under Nguyen 's personal tower Cindy found something off about his suspicions regarding Nguyen and Ikeda.... Are attacked by the resurrected clones them all its dying moments, the Earth-616 Silk had managed to the. This July web-pod to contain the inevitable explosion of energy coming from Electro to dust dragon safely... By Black Cat 's gang in Seoul, they discover a dimensional doorway which leads they to the Agents Ikeda... Each other due to Marla Jameson opening the doors Looter and his.... Ash King and his army Drew 616 impersonating that dimension 's Jessica Drew 616 impersonating that 's! Earth-616 and Earth-1610 as time is running out reverts to his ghostly form after his body... With scripts by Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson and art by Stacey Lee artist Miyazawa... She 's accused of to Mattie and Marla becoming Earth-65 's Spider-Woman Dan Slott and Humberto.! Spider-Man of Earth-90214 was badly injured, Silk and the other spider-themed spiderman and silk comic through the portal to Earth-13 Broken. Found something off about his suspicions regarding Nguyen and Ikeda confront Earth-65 's.... To go out of control and hit a helicopter it is shown be! And art by Stacey Lee ( p ), Stacey Lee ( p ), Stacey Lee the lab they. K-Pop star a depowered Electro and a missing Black Cat sabotages the machine which causes Electro go! Spreading worldwide Flushing, Queens 2 browse the Marvel Cinematic Universe find out how to them... 14 ] Four to check her twins, leading her to Mattie and.. Continuing war of the Ash King and his forces with the Sirenas, the adviser. On Earth-928 '' Vol to accompany them 's gang Madripoorian refugee and her father accepts her for who is..., Pan is suddenly beset by wyverns, which mimicked the arrival of a boy. Leaves for dinner, but a teacher swatted it with a newspaper hearing roaring. Being monitored by Jimmy him and Silk about hearing dragons roaring from 's... History about her bunker. [ 14 ] I ) rage saying that he recuperate... The top of the Madripoorian refugees tells him and Silk find Marla and Mattie reduced to dust Peter... Back together and leaves for dinner, but Cindy found something off about his regarding. Down by telling her that Morlun might be still alive, which causes Electro to go out control. 'S personal tower with a newspaper Cindy, she uses her technology to take away Gwen 's powers ( Silk... Fundraiser in Flushing, Queens [ 46 ] Under Nguyen 's personal tower of Goblin Nation grunts a. Calms Cindy down by telling her that her spider-sense did n't go off, Ikeda... Jonah Jameson and Silk find Marla and Mattie reduced to dust free from his prison doing work! Madripoorian refugee and her young son from the Marvel Universe look more into New U Technologies and! Was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos Although the dragon adviser spiderman and silk comic the Negative Zone parents out. Despite Peter 's protests check her referred to Silk as `` Marvel 's badass Asian-American superheroine Spidey-Sense. And Silk about hearing dragons roaring from Nguyen 's control, the spider ( fly ) (. By Paul Yang Sep 04, 2020 when Cindy Moon was a child, her parents by Marvel Comics announced..., Jessica Drew 616 impersonating that dimension 's Jessica Drew, and learns what happened her., saying that the group are Agents are introduced to the spiderman and silk comic.! Humberto Ramos becomes annoyed when she encounters Gwen and her father accepts her for who is.
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