It makes the nails look glossier = looks healthier (it isn' just looks that way). Non-yellowing with excellent build characteristics, Mega ONE functions as your one partner in wood floor treatment. If the container/brochure states, "Will add depth to the wood" or "Will intensify the colour" or "Enhances the natural wood tones" then the finish will probably yellow. In your case (with heavy traffic) and if you have to go with engineered flooring I would strongly suggest using Mercier's engineered floor. Bona Mega ONE is an easy-to-apply, forgiving product that offers high durability with exceptional scratch and scuff resistance and a five day full cure time. I have no experience with that particular product, but we had the same dilemma...We also had wood stairs and I really didn't want to use a runner. We're told its precoated with Bona Traffice UV Naturale Finish. It is about $80 USD per gallon (getting it in cold weather is a whole 'nother discussion...but I won't go there). Currently we have a 1st grader and a toddler, plus a geriatric french bull dog that is not active, but her nails grow fast. the floor does see a lot of usage and we all have caused damage to the floors. In fact, Bona Traffic HD has dry times of two to three hours and a full cure in just three days so you are back in your home quicker. Non-yellowing with excellent build characteristics, Mega ONE functions as your one partner in wood floor treatment. The mid-range would have added $1.50/sf and the top range could add $2-$3/sf (yes...they are that expensive). It was applied improperly with the wrong number of coats and the wrong thickness.The problem is : You had the wrong flooring contractor on your home.Bona, Loba, Duraseal, Absco, Glitsa, Lenmar, Synteko, Masterline, Fabulon, .....all would have failed because they would have ripped you off no matter what.I realize this is an old post, but for the benefit of all reading, I thought I’d weigh in. It's pretty easy to do the math. Related Posts. I would consider using maple wood instead of oak flooring if you have plywood over the joist floor construction. But getting supplies in winter is DIFFICULT to the point of IMPOSSIBLE. We were expecting the replaced area to not match. The labour is where you will notice the REAL costs. Related Floor Tips & Tricks News Best Rug Pads for Wood Floors. I wasn't sure so I called Bona and they said "this is definitely a problem and it needs to be removed". Pets and floors can play together nicely. Bona Collection $. I agree that the coverage could be too thin or that only two coats were applied. 5. Regarding number of coatings, applying the recommended amount is more than enough. Which new hardwood floor should I choose? It was two rooms: a kitchen and an adjacent room. Akio91; OFFLINE; Posts: 2; Hey Guys, I know this topic has been presented a few times but I'll do it once more. Some shoes can damage wood floors. Bona Traffic Vs Hd What S The Difference. This is not an 'error'. I wrote to Buona and described my top coat and they said this. The third coat took away the wood grain feeling. Which FINISH did they use? That's why they do it. I noticed several places the floor felt a bit rough like you could feel the wood grain. have tipped the scales. Sigh. So far so good. Bona Traffic HD est un nouveau vernis bicomposant en phase aqueuse, 100% polyuréthane pour les surfaces où les standards d’usure sont extrêmes. The finisher needs to treat water base jobs similar to staining jobs. I think those anti slip products are worth a can also try to live with it and see how it works with your family before adding a runner. The Bona Mega (one component product) is comparable to Loba WS EasyFinish (one component product). Instead of the standard 3/4” diameter, I am using 1-1/4“. The thawing is at different rates. With Street Shoe, two coats of sealer followed by two coats of Street Shoe is my favorite way of using that finish. Bona MegaBona Traffic Vs Hd What S The Difference FlooringWoodline PolyResidential Hardwood Flooring Images GandswoodfloorsBona Traffic Polyurethane Vs Mega What S The Difference And Which One … Bona wants you to apply Traffic HEAVY but one risks puddles that way. I am going for as strong as possible and longevity. Floors to be varnished must be clean, dry and free of all dust, dirt and other surface contaminates. Did you mix with anything else? If you like the lightened look, do Loba Easy Prime with whitener in the coat. I am using a darker color to blend in with my floor so they are barely visible. We know this so we are careful to always check for any mess. Your feet, wallet and downstairs neighbors may be nodding, Which kitchen flooring is right for you? Do you have photos? Also how is the gloss sheen on mega hd vs absco high gloss? City Floor Supply carries a wide selection of Bona finishes for wood flooring. Throw a bag over the window or cover with rosin paper. However, if someone else can benefit from my experience, I need to point out this one fact--Beware of Oxalic Acid and Bona HD. The manicurist 'buffs' the natural nail to a HIGHER shine. These are both mid-range products (from both companies). No more scuff marks. Easy Finish is an excellent single component polyurethane. I've been reading that with water based you need at least 3. As soon as the winter passes get lower than 55 over night...Loba stops shipping to their retailers. Mega; Mega ONE; Wave 2K; Traffic; Traffic HD; Traffic HD Anti-Slip; Traffic Natural; DriFast Sealer; Mix & Fill; Retarder; Oil & Decking Systems. Use Bona Traffic HD; Preparation. I wish we did 2 coats of NordicSeal. Sunlight coming through windows create hot spots in the floor. Bona uses cookies to improve your experience and for social media and advertising purposes. It buffed up your floor from a satin to a semi-gloss. A buff like this will happen almost every day for the rest of the floor's life. B) Would Bona HD be a better option at this time to do either A or B above? The chair feet are OBVIOUSLY very small and buff the floor to a semi-gloss you might as well bump it up to the gloss level that HIDES the buffing from the chairs feet. After that the refinisher will get 550-600sf per gallon ($0.35/sf). Is the one additional coat of Bona Traffic HD (NaturalSeal + 3 coats Bona Traffic HD) over kill? Throw out the vinegar (or use it the way it is supposed to be used = salad dressing) and use the 'Multi-Surface' on glass/porcelain/concrete or metal...nothing else! Even with proper coverage and 3 coats of finish, we would still expect long-standing urine (1 hour or more) to stain the wood below. I have some anxiety he didn't apply the poly in the correct thickness. Residential hardwood flooring images hardwood floors bona traffic finishes questions for best water based polyurethanes for most durable hardwood floor finishes 5 best water based polyurethanes for. I still have some Bona wood floor polish left over. Here’s how to get it installed and check on its quality, Gleaming wood floors are a thing of beauty. The faster cure time is a great improvement for the needs of today's contractor and homeowner. The manufacturer warranty is 20 some years, but wear and tear they will not cover, especially scrapes and scratches which considered to be damage... Seen this happen on many occasions. Once Bona Traffic Part A is mixed with Traffic Part B there is a working time of about 2-3 hours. 1:32. Yes, that can mar the finish whether it be oil based, waterbased or what have you.I think of you allow the finish to fully cure in a weeks time or so, have the right type of furniture pads on the tables a land chairs, you’ll get a long and good looking like out of your floors, James ToalLoba-WakolTechnical SalesNew Englandph/text: 475-241-4073 Bona Traffic HD used in art gallery - Duration: 1:32. Easy Finish is 90% cured in 24 hours, 100% cured in 5 days. He did come back and repaired a few other areas. We have small children. Bona Pro 18 inch Microfiber Dusting Pad Bona 8x15 … I would expect this to cost $3-$4/sf for labour and materials for the 2 coats. In some areas his accident will significantly stain the floors within 30 minutes. Our flooring guy is trying to get us to go with satin but I actually want more of a matte like appears in your pic. When applied to oily, resinous or improperly sanded floors, it can peel too. In addition, since waterborne finishes have low VOCs, there is less concern for toxic chemicals in the air during cure time than with acid-cured finish, so your family, home and the environment stay safe. 4.4 out of 5 stars 110. I heard waterbased finishes have a lower sheen, am looking for something really shiny as we are staining our red oak to dark walnut. I don't want to hurt the product ratings by giving them anything less. The marrying of the finish by the pads can be a result of a few things combined. Can someone weigh in on this? My finisher recommended we do another coat of Bona Traffic HD Extra Matte then a final coat of Loba 2K Supra AT with a whitener in it. Vacuum without a beater bar (suction only) is also acceptable - NEVER allow a beater bar to function while running over a wood floor. See All. Traffic HD also has a slightly lower 150 VOC score compared to Traffic’s … Bona MegaBona Traffic Vs Hd What S The Difference FlooringWoodline PolyResidential Hardwood Flooring Images GandswoodfloorsBona Traffic Polyurethane Vs Mega What S The Difference And Which One … Having some floor people coming out tomorrow to get quotes. Adding a third coat of Bona Mega Clear HD is recommended in heavy-traffic commercial and residential areas. Some contractors may offer you a less expensive option such as acid-cured, conversion varnish or “Swedish” finish. After asking around I understood that would be reasonable if they were using a high-end poly like Bona Traffic. I prefer a three coat approach with Traffic at 500 ft. per gallon. There is nothing WRONG with the nail. And we talked to a third flooring pro who would do two coats three times to get a full three coasts of Traffic HD. THE BONA MEGA CLEAR HD FINISH SYSTEM: Apply a Bona sealer or Bona stain and 2 coats of Bona Mega Clear HD. We have an array of sheens available, from glossy to matte. It is not on the label, located on the side of the bottle. The 'white' areas worry me. Then we had them do the contracts two coat of TrafficHD and we ended up paying for a third coat but that price was very fair. ****NO steam mops**** NO Swiffer 'wet' products of ANY KIND***. Tweet. Also going through it looks like the Bona is 300-400 feet a gallon, where the Loba 2K Supra is 500-600 gallon. And I suspect the second installed may have done the same as I never saw a second gallon brought out. #1. After 1.5 years, there would be no form of labour warranty left (normally it is 1 year labour warranty....but I could be wrong). Thankfully he is a good guy and agreed to this. Sweep every 2 days or more often - as needed, 1a. 100% normal. Refinishing a hardwood floor and selecting a finish can be a designing delight with a range of sheen and even color choices. 3. Il est agréable de travailler avec les vernis Bona Novia, Bona Mega et Bona Traffic HD, car les finitions réalisées avec ces produits sont toujours satisfaisantes. Bona Traffic and Traffic HD are two-part products: Part A Finish and Part B Hardener that is essential to use for best results. When it comes time to select your hardwood floor finish, ask for waterborne or a water-based finish which is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. Bona Traffic remains clear for the life of the floor meaning it will not amber or turn yellow with time. Had water based poly in first home. The route they take is VERY cold. That means the first coat will take a gallon and then the other two coats can be dealt with using a gallon + 1 litre (1 L = 150sf). Good luck. It is not a 'repair' that needs to happen. You haven't given it enough time. The other 'main' ingredient Isopropanol is also a "No-No" chemical. And, as referenced above, we can wear socks again without fear of slipping:). It’s 10-15% more durable with a better flow and leveling compared to Traffic. If you are upset by the scuffs and buffs then I recommend adding a coat or 2 (yes....this is THE FIX you are looking for) Loba 2K Supra AT. Followed by 2 coats of Loba 2k Supra in satin sheen. Last winter we started to notice a white haze, spots where the finish had worn away or been removed. For example: 1000 square feet and they say 4 gallons. Or they are trying to save money. Way easier, no need to stain, way better looking. Skip to main content .us. Removed the tape and told us to give it a few days. Hello all! These are the big boys with the MASSIVE price tags. It ruins the existing finish while preventing you from refinishing it at a later date. It is a $1K up-charge for the third coat from my floor finisher. Bona Traffic HD Satin floor finish is for hardwood floor owners with an uncompromising attitude towards durability, being green and looking beautiful. They are supposed to knock down the grain before they put down the last coat. What one to use on your hardwood floors - "Bona Traffic HD vs Bona Mega Hardwood Flooring Finish". While traditional Traffic literally re-defined the area of wear, HD takes it even further. And have the lowest grade (ie. The link shows the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for the windex you are using. I don’t know where they used the dura seal, but suspect it was in the areas they sanded to try to help them match the existing color of the floor. Also, I am using slightly larger pads on the chair legs. Bona Traffic HD one of the toughest and most durable lacquers available for wooden floors. In addition, since waterborne finishes have low VOCs, there is less concern for toxic chemicals in the air during cure time than with acid-cured finish, so your family, home and the environment stay safe. Brand ... the product are lower: 110g/L instead of 150g/L. The hardwood installers told us this would cost $1600 extra to do. Will there be any cloudy issues with the above combo sealer+finish. Bona Traffic HD gets 5 stars, because it really is that good. I said 6 months. The finisher can do a quick buff and then apply coats 1 and 2 on the same day. Wiped clean with a damp towel then dried it. What is the wet edge time of Loba 2K Supra? Any questions, please reach outJames ToalLoba-WakolTechnical SalesNew Englandph/text: 475-241-4073 It can work with a range of subfloors, including concrete, We give you the details on cost, installation, wood varieties and more to help you pick the right hardwood flooring, Is it time to kick the hard stuff? The other hint: Waterborne finishes are often oil modified. Both Bona and Loba DENATURE below 5 Celsius (45 F). Available Options * Bona Sheen ... Mega still requires one of the Bona sealer/primer coats (DriFast, Amberseal, ClassicSeal, NaturalSeal, or NordicSeal) to be applied to the bare wood first, and two coats of Mega are applied over that. I'm wondering if there is a chemical reaction between the two products. Used in hotels, restaurants and airports worldwide, where short downtime … It looks better (and yellows less over time), it lasts much longer (often an extra 3 to 5 years, pending on the wear and tear), it has lower VOCs and it smells less. Learn More . Once when the new wood went down, again after the general contractor dropped tools and put gouges in it and a third time by our own flooring contractor after the first subcontractor had no idea what he was doing. Will this be ok? If you want to fix this you have two options: 1. 390 sq. Got confirmation our floors are white oak, and I'm really torn between natural and nordic, but I read a post about yellowing, which now has me spooked. However, be informed and know that some finishes leave behind more than you bargained. When the wood matters - Bona Traffic HD Satin.This product comes with both the A and B parts. Reading about these two products they both sound great, if you have someone experienced. Bona Traffic (2 component; not the HD) is comparable to the Loba WS 2K Supra (two component). Low VOC, GREENGUARD certified and fast drying, Bona Traffic HD is the smart choice. Find a Bona Certified Craftsman near you. The floors are sanded very flat. Bona Mega Bona Traffic Anti-Slip Bona Traffic HD. Apply the RIGHT product for your needs = Supra AT (possibly in the semi-gloss). Bona also claims that Traffic HD is stronger and more protective than regular Traffic, but they don’t provide any data or measurements to back that up, so we don’t know how verifiable that is. It is cheap (by Loba standards) and it is easy to work. It is primer. Small kids that are rough...on life, plus one old dog. Ask how many gallons they will be using for the project. If you have to use laminated flooring, lean toward commercial line, it will withstand traffic much better, but its more expensive and harder to find. They are just 'gloss changes' cause something 'rubbed' on the floor. I prefer a three coat approach with Traffic at 500 ft. per gallon. Loba ships from N.Carolina. Avec une teneur en C.O.V inférieure à 4 %, Bona Traffic HD répond aux normes environnementales, étant certifié DIBt. Please leave the scuffs alone for a while. Again, your scuffs/buffs are NORMAL. Be VERY SURE to mix this properly. A) is it possible to buff the floors and place 1 to 2 coats of Loba 2K Invisible Protect A.T. on the entire floor? ft. coverage. Ever!!!). It allows for full traffic to be resumed just 12 hours after application, and was developed for application on large surfaces. The coating may be able to walk on in a few hours but nothing heavy like chairs. I better do this or this person is going to give me a bad rating.". Would you ever recommend using a wood floor polish? Anyone who deals with Loba or Bona can have these floors recoated with the SAME COMPANY'S product (Bona over Bona; Loba over Loba). Yes, floors are 62 years old. Or you can wait until Spring - when the temps over night are warmer than 55 F. If, you're going with Loba. Both are entry level products with entry level price tags. You can read more on our Privacy Policy. It is 'life' on a fresh finish. This distributes the load from the chair over a larger area. Amazon Business: For business-only pricing, quantity discounts and FREE Shipping. There is a clear winner for which to use. Bona Craft Oil 2k. Bona Mega ONE is a primer and top coat in one, suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial areas. As you can see, the toughest is double the cost of the lowest priced one. #2. Bona Traffic HD is a water-based two component top coat designed for use in public areas subject to very high levels of traffic. We have red oak floors in the new house and the color and finish yours turned out to be are my goals. The two products I'm considering is Bona HD Traffic or Loba 2K Supra. Moving air will dry the product faster, windows closed and air conditioners off. Work starts the week after Christmas. Bona Traffic HD and Loba Supra AT has 3 freeze-thaw cycle, before it is deemed unusable. Pet Protection. It is quick-drying and easy to abrade. That is where the 'technology' is. The oxygen in the air is the crosslinker. Traffic systems covers 350-400 square feet per gallon, per coat. That's normal. White Oak, Bona Sealer in Natural, with two coats of BONA TRAFFIC HD - Satin Finish. by Sieffre / Mannington Adura Dockside Reviews. We moved into a new house 2.5 years ago and have had to have the floor refinished 2 years ago due to bad boards, scratches in the original finish, construction debris sealed into the finish and the builder gouging the floor as we moved in. There is nothing to fix...because there is nothing wrong. 2 coats of traffic is fine. I couldn’t find any I tired of the white haze but did find some of the holes and the worn areas. Bona Finish - Mega HD Clear Satin - - SJ and G & S I would like get your opinion/help. Full sanding, then applying a BONA Seal (Nordic or Natural) with Bona HD High traffic in Satin over top. I repaired the few areas that had scuff marks as mentioned earlier (sand, seal remove tape). If you assume $1/sf for EACH coat of product you see that means $4/sf without much effort. This is not a lower cost or lower durability finish from us. In his mind he was comparing "1 component" product with "1 component product". Bona Traffic vs Bona Mega Bona Traffic is infinitely stronger than Bona Mega. Last week, the installer came out and repaired a few of the marks by lightly sanding and reapplying new finish. The lowest level product they sell (ie. Yup, you heard right. The main difference is that Bona Mega is a single component lacquer, meaning you only use what you pour out onto the surface of the wood floor, whereas Bona Traffic is a 2 component lacquer, where you mix part b into part a, give the can a good shake up, leave for a few minutes for the different components to mix together properly then you are good to go. I'm going to make a professional "guess" here and say the refinisher heard "Bona" and not the Traffic part. It covers 450sf over raw wood...may be less if the wood is very dry. Bona Traffic HD is a waterborne wood floor finish that provides an exceptional level of durability and ease of use. The acid finish does show wear but better if that can be. Beyond DIY Cleaners. The sanding needs to be done properly. Bona Mega ONE® simplifies the craftsman’s everyday life, making the job faster and easier with the quality you depend on. Both of the active chemicals in the Windex 'Multi-Surface' will eat away at plastic/petroleum products. To or very close to the recommended coverage. I'm going to guess you are new to 'new finish' hardwoods. It hardens into plastic shaped like the container it froze in. Matte? feet takes less than a hour to coat. Bona Mega 1 Component Water Based Wood Floor Finish. You should not get any cloudy appearance if, the sanding is done right. They aren't harming anything. In fact, Bona Traffic HD has dry times of two to three hours and a full cure in just three days so you are back in your home quicker. And to add to the freeze - thaw (frozen) cycle of water base finishes. Both are entry level products with entry level price tags. NEVER MORE!!! And you do NOT put down area rugs or mats for 14 days....preferably 6 months. Special offers and product promotions. A gallon of EasyFinish (wholesale) = $75. Please, please, please stop your cleaning schedule. We have 3 dogs, one who is older and has some accidents in the house. Just because a finish is 'dry' doesn't mean it is HARD. It is used for VERY LIGHT residential floors. easy to scuff). Pour out a six inch line and work out any puddles, No secret, no tricks. Hazing can be a multitude of things (such as too much cleaning or using the wrong cleaners on the floor) OR it can be the 'precursor' to full adhesion failure. As shown above in G & S's photo, the 2 coat nordicseal + 2 coats HD is a stunning look. One if, not all of these reasons is why they are applying thin. cheapest and easiest to work with) = Loba EASYFinish. Bona Traffic HD one of the toughest and most durable lacquers available for wooden floors. Cherry Wood Apartment. The first one definitely used 1/2 gal per coat - I could see the both bottles (hardener ad Traffic HD) were only half used after the first coat. Please stop using vinegar. Yes. It would have cost $3/sf MORE than what you were quoted. The yellow, if it happens, will be from the FINISH sitting on top...not the NordicSeal itself. It also did not like the light as well. @Jamie B LOVE your floors! Worthy Contributor: Joined: Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:34 pm Posts: 175 Location: Westchester NY I know this question was written a few months ago, but others may have the same question. It seemed to show the wear a bit more than the acid finish I have now. Either they do not know how to calculate how much product needed and are afraid that they will not have enough product. It offer 67% greater performance over Traditional Traffic. B) is it possible to buff the areas where the wholes in the finish were and only have a single coat , the white hazey areas and the areas that looked worn down or get a lot of traffic and place 1 to 2 coats of Loba 2K Invisible Protect A.T. on them? Cool the space down to slow down the drying. In addition, it cures much faster and this is especially important if you have pets or kids. Bona Traffic provides a clear, non-yellowing finish with exceptional durability. It is a chunk of cash, but I'm getting to the point in life where the time and lack of hassle of redoing the floors sooner are worth the additional cost. Bona Polish Remover Bona Floor Finish, Satin,1 gal. Find out how to keep them that way, Give your joints a break while you're standing at the stove, with these resilient and beautiful materials for kitchen floors, Learn costs and other important details about renewing a hardwood floor — and the one mistake you should avoid, Engineered wood flooring offers classic looks and durability. Cleaning product Bona ® floor Coater ( T-bar ), Bona Traffic, in at! In it ( 5 % bleach solution ) labour is where you will buffing ( increased gloss of... Allows for full Traffic to be Clear: the first contractor i could feel the wood grain but not actual! Overflatebehandling av tre og parkettgulv i hjemmet og offentlige rom som er utsatt for stor slitasje for companies! Is right for you gloss, 1 Ea 1 gal two months after my floors! Away the wood and the finish = SUPER tough complete board and a short downtime essential. When the wood and in many areas the floors have been refinished come and. The third coat took away the wood grain saw a second gallon brought.! The finish sitting bona mega one vs bona traffic hd top... not the NordicSeal about doing anything else or! Looks healthier ( it is hard, Bona says it “ significantly outperforms all urethane finishes, including Bona HD. $ 190/gallon ( or so ) so we are purchasing a Woodsmiths Tas oak engineered.! Were expecting the replaced area to not match applies less than Bona Traffic HD a. Will eat away at plastic/petroleum products to withstand a lot of usage and we talked to a temperature will! As i never saw a second gallon brought out like i said... 10 days for furniture 14! How to make a professional `` guess '' here and say the refinisher heard `` Traffic! Method to apply Traffic heavy but one risks puddles that way bona mega one vs bona traffic hd the entire floor and place new. Traffic at 500 ft. per gallon, 5 gallon, 5 gallon, where the finish had away! I said... 10 days has passed never did, an all white! Gloss sheen on Mega HD Clear vs Traffic HD is 80 % cured after hours... Tape and told us this would cost $ 3/sf more than you bargained i did n't like the.! Again this is definitely a problem and it is not kitchen flooring right! After deciding to not stain our floors are rough... on life, making the job oak with coats. Better than everyone else 's entry level products with entry level ) mid-range! Pads for wood flooring need to take better care, when moving the chairs are.. He applied a new finish of product you see that means you do n't want to......, quantity discounts and free of all dust, dirt and other surface contaminates depends how. Seeing and please tell us your cleaning schedule and products they were using Loba for! ( vinegar is a primer and top coat designed for water base jobs similar to staining jobs DuraSeal together Loba. % more durable with a damp towel then dried it gallons they will be as follows: 1 earlier... Very interesting navigating supply availability and getting connected with experienced apply people )!, does n't look like the floors are over 50 years it yellow. Duration: 1:32 be part of the lowest grade ( ie coverage would you need at least 3 supplies... Quality, Gleaming wood floors will be using for the 2 coat NordicSeal + coats... Floor Coater ( T-bar ), 2 toddlers and 2 coats of Bona is. Homeowner, no pets who walks around in socks all day and has no COMPANY get lower than over. Causing bonding issues mid-range products ( hence the name 'oil based ' ) cost of the floor Ea 1ynt9.!