I don't see any reasons y thy should b together. But now I wish she'd end up with Tae-Gwang seriously!! But I really like if eun byul ( actually eung bi ) fells love with hani ahn.. I'm a TaeBi shipper tho so i hope it doesnt happen... Yi ahn is so rude and selfish... Ghanagal May 20 2015 5:39 pm TLDR: social bots are highly responsible for spreading misinformation - and for such also conspiracy theories. Hopefully then Eun Byol will be the main driving force for Yi An to save his swimming career, you know their childhood promise. There is must be a scene after eun byul save eun bi in the river!!! ;). T_T. Another thing is when did EB ever even start liking YA? I have seen trend in this kdrama's that people seems to love the lonely bad boy who is misunderstood. Wow!♥ . :( @spoilerrr Eun bi has those two boys and good friends now. Eun Bi x Tae Kwang PLEASEE Just end Up Lee Eun Bi With Tae Kwang ><". Friendsship, family, love, education, and etc she got everything and the same goes for Yi An who get back to swimming again (none the less getting his girl after dumping another). -- How Eun Byul found out that she has a twin (was it due to the article on the newspaper? I love this dramaaa. I would probably be heartbroken too for him (;▽;) my brain keep processing about one of them(eunbi/eunbyul) will die in the end of the story cuz there just one girl in promotion poster. Even though I like Han Yi An, I can understand your guys' point about Tae Kwang. The story is pretty much explained the mystery about Soo In. Hello Cupid Apr 02 2015 7:37 pm So likewise, even if Taekwang is always around Eun Bi, her heart chooses to go to Han Yi An. . He is so cool as a teacher. The drama is really good but really disappointed with the ending nam jo hyuk is a good actor no doubt but sungjae is amazing and he should have been the main lead not the second I don't know what the director was thinking. And they needed a hell lot of time to just accept who you are?. taebi FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Lucky its just a drama, if real i think im gonna kill her haha. I love this drama <3. Till ur next project. It will be so unfair if eunbyul has to be suffer for all of pain like this. I don't understand people who say Eun byul would be better if she end with tae kwang. Why is he the 2nd lead?!!?!!?! diya May 27 2015 1:36 pm i hope this drama end eun byul with yi an, also eun bi with tae kwang. I wanna know the P.O.V of Eun Byul. Otherwise this drama is worthless! Embarking on a week-long voyage across the Atlantic on the opulent RMS Etruria, they’re delighted to discover a traveling troupe of circus performers, fortune tellers, and a certain charismatic young escape artist entertaining the first-class passengers nightly. Expectmore great drama castingfrom you ;), Mohini giri Jun 16 2015 12:52 pm Bullying in schools is a very good topic to cover. Eunbi just feel sorry to TK because Tk is so lonely. Fall in love with your first love siblings not weird? at first i want eunbi end up with TK but if eunbuyl dont comeback what will happen to yian. Don't request to see they getting married or something... because i tell you its would be ridiculous to see Eun Byul become sister in law to Yi An while keep telling about their childhood story to Eun Bi and Eun Bi would be smile prettily even knowing Yi An once madly in love with her sisters and Tae Kwang would always console Eun Bi everytime Eun Bi fight with Yi An and protects Eun Bi on behalf of Yi An.. She is a amazing storyteller and her books are so very entertaining. And Eun byul the one who had to do all ( protect her sister, give her all, get the punishment etc) is the one left with anything . more projects to kimsohyun <3 it will be hard for me to move on ;-; this has a special place in my heart, Krystal Jun 17 2015 2:12 pm realy miss u EunBi and EunByul... Love U, yuna Jul 05 2015 10:08 pm miss_myeon May 20 2015 4:33 am Usually I would find school love dramas kinda boring but this whole story is really interesting and also had inspiring messages for the watchers. this movie must totally pathetic if eunbyul or eunbi dead. :p, Ttttt Jun 15 2015 11:11 pm Anyway. They are the exact opposite of one another (on the outside), yet exactly the same (type of people/on the inside). Eun Byeol was frustrating in every sense. And dont like yi-an fallen inlove with eunbi,she have all already , diane Jun 09 2015 9:42 am WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you look through his point of view his first love (crush) disappeared (presumed dead) only realizing the person he cared for in that short amount of time is Eunbi and not Eunbyeol. Taekwang is leading on eps 13-14. ****i luv to make my own speculation. And Eun Byul is alive?? Got to be realistic, are you going to wait thousand years because of your one sided love? School 2015 Ep 15 ratings: (its just my opinion take it easy). Way to just put that scene to the dump with the way the drama ended. Although eun byul is a girl with a bad temper but in her heart, she is a very good girl. Surat Yasin Jul 31 2016 1:22 pm I'm really (like 90%) sure that those two will end up IF there are pairings in the end, but really, isn't it the wrong way? Hopefully not though because I feel like the poor characters have had enough about death. ♡♡♡, Eunbyulisthebest Jun 16 2015 2:02 am fangurlsss May 13 2015 2:01 am But in Yi-An's case, he like Eun Bi as Eun Byeol.. Another good K-drama checked off my to watch list. Great plot, great actors and actrees. I'm one of your friend :"""""""") i cant wait for mon&tuesdays this show was off the hook. Kong Tae Gwang and Eun bi are best Couple .. naebuwon May 19 2015 1:00 pm Try read all the comment here every people opinion is so creative and interesting :P. Mermaid May 13 2015 4:33 am Hmm but thats just my opinion anyway. She thinks she can get EunBi again. And Emily (the girl that liked her), realised she still had romantics feelibns for her when Alison came back. The start of revenge. am i the only one who think that the plot of this drama look a like ARISA (japanese manga), JR May 10 2015 11:52 pm He could really like Eun Bi right now, but it could also mean he likes her as a friend. Think School 2015 is such a good drama though n.n Tbh I ship Han Yi An and Go Eun Byul more than Eun Bi and him u.u <3. hwaitingg ^^, Yei May 29 2015 11:18 pm The Kiss!! I like the gory factors, Cresswell—especially Cresswell, and the cool themes that are intertwined. |fr. but I really want these two together. I feel so bad for Tae Kwang, running like crazy, being knight for someone who love another prince ~~ Its might be me, but i think Tae Kwang looks sad (of course as much as handsome) with black hair, compared to blond hair that make he looks playful.. Love both anyways ^^ Another 3 eps to go.. writer-nim plez wrap up its nicely so EunBi/Taekwang & EunByul/YiAn shippers like me would hurt less... meolchi89 Jun 09 2015 10:38 am heartskyn Apr 26 2015 8:18 pm he the person who most worries about eun byul and will do anythg for eun byul ! Seems its being a issue - who eun bi should end up with! Not that bad of an ending even though my ship sinks. Chimingxx Jun 09 2015 9:31 am Thank you so much!!! Love you kim so hyun. I could practically feel the chemistry whenever Sunjae and Kim So Hyun had a scene together and the show got so boring whenever I-an and Eun Bi had so much as a conversation. Eun Byul and Tae Kwang's history in the series is not that clear. I hope Eun Bi end up with Tae Gwang, please Tae Gwang don't let go her hand. Madcatz Jun 11 2015 1:50 pm That showed an underlying connection between the two. really? I'm really sure that i will never find a drama better than Who are you. Eun Bi likes Yi Ahn but she tries to control her feelings for him because she knows that she shouldn't like Yi Ahn ( because of Eun Byul) and she feels guilty for lying to him about her real identity.In episode 8, since Yi Ahn found out about Eun Byul's real identity, we know that this isn't the climax of the drama since theres still 8 episodes left. Everything is not important.. Agree and can't blame why there is so many people root for Tae Kwang and Eun Bi. Princess May 20 2015 4:39 am gong tae kwang and lee eun bi is such a pretty couple ^.^. After Eun Bi dealt with Kang So-Young, she have to face Jung Min Young, for Eun-Byeol. i thought eunbi messed up with soyeong 1st. He have to move on, because he is wonderful person, who deserves more affectionate girlfriend than EunBi. I really believe though that Yi Han will may like this Eun Byul but once he finds out the truth he will stay with the real Eun Byul because in the end she is his childhood love and he only liked Eun Bi thinking she was Eun Byul. Even if there is no pairing it would be realistic, but come on, Yi An and Eun Bi in the end, they really would be fucked up (sorry for the wording *lol* but I just see it as that) and therefore I hope the writers don't go down that road, even if it seems like that a lot. He get back to school even he got hit by the car. I thought Eun Bi for TaeKwang and Eun Byeol for Yi An! I hope there's more school themed drama to come. Taekwang had a more close-and-sincere relationship with EunBi but EunBi's heart still likes YiAn.. Hello, I'm fine, thank you very much for your question. hopefully eun bi could repay 'jung sooo iiin', ri hyo May 06 2015 10:24 am june_myun May 26 2015 9:02 am It plays a part on how kids grow up. #KimSoHyun & #NamJooHyuk couple!!! did she perhaps did smthing... i think this is concerned with the whole class ..even the teacher received the mysterious text.. there is probably a dark side hidden in the class 2-3 (the class pres. I THINK EUN BI AND TAE-KWANG ARE THE BEEEEEST !! One of the more difficult concepts is the concept of the Organic Portal. If the ending : Thanks to all hardworking casts and crews! If the writer for just gonna pair up YiBi. Kim So-hyun and Yook Sung-jae should win an award for their amazing performances especially at their age. Damn, I miss the days when the only ship that mattered was Go Nam Soon and Park Heung Soo. ), because this has been my favourite one so far! Also regarding Eun Byul say Soo In was following her around after her death I think she is imagining thing because she feeling guilty I mean how can anybody went inside her house let alone her room and switch off the light =.=. Though I highly doubt that Eun Bi will fall for him. I feel as though the plot is getting spoiled hope it won't. Sungjae fighting! their loveline can not be avoided, Enjoy every scene with this couple, eun byul wit nam joo hyuk!!!! Omg i thought of the same thing too. Also is true if yi han can change his love so easly, why Eun bi cannot?. Kadie Jun 03 2015 3:14 am I like kim so hyun however this drama is a disappointment that i dont recommend it. kamii Jun 02 2015 9:21 pm Himnae!!! The story telling about a rallity life in highschool. and EunByul is so insignificant in their "love triangle" tho.. Love line is not important for me a happy ending is the reunion of Eun Bi and Eun Byol is sufficient to make me more than happy. i had a big exam at the time so i missed a couple episodes, KBS please air it again!!! I try to be cool about that even i have thousand of unsatisfied and unfair things to be said, BUT wth with ending that will make me and most of TAEBI shippers think that Tae Kwang gonna be hurt till the end of their high school life? and tae gwang i think has chance to be couple for eun bi! don't ever leave all of this like unanswered question...don't be like soooo others typical drama..be honor with your rate now... loving May 30 2015 9:57 am 1. she died saving her twin(sooo brave) And the kiss was just sad, a bit forced. I love TaeGwang with EunBi  :) YiByul Jun 16 2015 2:55 am From the start to end, EB never had any romantic feelings for TW. Madcatz May 25 2015 9:16 pm its totally weird if yian forget eunbyul and fall in love with eunbi.. please dont.. I wish Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin will have a cameo on this one. @nega you questioning us who eunbi truly loves right? Awesome Drama but...Unconvincing love line at the end! YiAhn and EunByul .... TaeKwang and EunBi, cz May 22 2015 10:21 pm CAN KIM SO-HYUN AND YOOK SUNG-JAE HAVE A DRAMA AGAIN TOGETHER :(((, TAEGWANG Feb 20 2021 9:22 am So much feeeeels; It needs higher ratings! It is vital for successful team dynamics that everyone’s voice is heard, so thank you cuz they are look alike. share. That's it! Hate her so much, but first make her feel what eun bi feels being bulled by her classmate that she wants to die. Ten out of ten! Recall the scene the moment before teacher Kim receive the message teacher Jung was seen using her phone. and I TOTALLY knew that Eunbyul's alive all along. I hope :), Yassoo May 25 2015 4:13 pm I mean character wise, I think thats the only reason how Tae Kwang became more comfortable with Eun Bi than with Eun Byul. Haha. leena May 26 2015 5:46 am The story is full of mystery. WTF .. So there's a possability that Eun-Byeol is alive? Unlike drama like "You're Beautiful"/"He's Beautiful" for example even though second lead done a lot for the girl I still ship the main guy because the main guy on the other hand did do his part for the girl unlike Yi An here. I agree with most of the ppl here that Taebi should have happened. Eun Byul knows she has a twin and she probably used the chance of swapping their lifes so Eun Byul can find out who texted her and why. Junge sung- sung Jun 05 2015 3:16 pm Feel so sad seing go taekwang always being the third wheel, the second option... :(, sea May 28 2015 4:26 am Guess there isn't much people liking Eun Byul at the moment. The directors/writers may just pull the second male syndrome thing on us. Rilis come on.. i cant wait more and more the episode. She chose her sister (for Eunbi) and she chose to went in other place (for her mom and sister). Each episode is interesting and not boring! Will really pissed me if Tae Kwang doesn't get happy ending pergh  :S. Diana Jun 10 2015 12:37 am Taebi should end up together. it's the same when SOMEONE saved eunbi from suicide herslf. -sorry for the bad english,but I still want to give my opinion^^-, budi Jun 16 2015 12:07 pm I loved the setting,the story and also the Eun Byul vs Soo Young knockouts,now that was badass.And i also want to thank the writers for deceiving Tae Bi shippers(you’ve done a wonderful job disappointing me after after giving me second lead syndrome).But who cares right, the twins got their happy endings,Han Yi Ahn(which i don’t hate but also don’t get) started swimming again and i’m hoping in my imaginary near future GTK meets the girl of his dreams and forgets all about Eun Bi because she does not deserve the cuteness he brings to the table*crying*.Yook Sung Jae FIGHTING. SaVi May 17 2015 11:30 am He never leave Eun Bi alone, worried about her the most and all he want is some console from the person who he cared the most! Tbh, Eunbi is always saying that she wants to be accepted as Lee Eunbi and Taekwang gave her that, in fact he did everything he can for her. korean dramas are much better now! The story was great until the last episode. wkwkwk I find this so meaningful and tacky. Joey Apr 22 2015 5:12 am Made me want TaeKwang to get the girl more. Milly Mar 09 2016 7:26 am then all those action, worries hearts, tears bcoz of wht? And in my eyes Eun Byul and Yi An have more ib common. because yi ahn and tae gwang deserve to be happy in the end. But for "rookies" like them, I think they're doing an excellent job. Because this drama could give us the viewers an anxious feeling wanted to watch its next episodes, I think we should acknowledge it as one of the best kdrama. cim Jun 11 2015 4:03 am Also I think Tae Kwange father is going to be with Eun Bi side because on the preview he seem to see his son is happier with Eun Bi and not sad and he sees that his son does not cause any more trouble. The writer really make a bad ending between two people with no chemistry at all. Especially for me as TaeBi shipper. Oh my, Audrey Rose starts to doubt her feelings toward Cresswell *gasp again* Am I the only one who feels cheap soap opera vibes?I am very sorry I had to let all that spontaneous snark out on one of my ex-favorite series, but my disappointment is so high I had to let it out of my system. Tao's girl Aug 24 2015 10:30 am just a bit disappointed with the ending. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); I'll rate it 7/10 only for "because you're only 18 y.o" thing in the ending... the story quite boring although they can make it better since it got interesting plot to begin with. minah May 16 2015 12:50 am Episode 11, please? Yeah and they start liking each other and became the "it" couple in the entertainment industry. i really like kang so young more than any one in the drama. Hello, I'm fine, thank you very much for your inquiry. seulbi May 25 2015 8:36 am Lisa May 26 2015 10:07 pm If Eun Bi ends up with Yi An, can I have Tae Kwang? What really happen that day when Eun Byul disappear was Eun Byul saw Eun Bi and follow her on the bridge when on Eun Bi try to kill herself Eun Byul save her, but the question is why is Eun Bi look like she was battered when she was in the hospital.she looks physically fine when she tried to kill herself and the biggest question what happen to Eun byul. just like eunbi have TK. Throw away 10 years love that simple? but since they made it like this, sorry not sorry but, my heart still roots for gongtae. She's a child actress and her face since that never changed. NJ May 26 2015 11:45 am I think his acting is more natural and not awkward than the 1st guy. But like Tae Gwang cares about Eun Bi a lot and he kept on supporting despite whoever she is. :), pfg Jun 18 2015 3:30 pm In addition, I really can not wait until the premiere. what cause she is missing? ri hyo Jun 01 2015 9:24 pm He's a pussy brat that throws tandrums for no good reasons. Dhen Jun 03 2015 12:43 am We already knew the ending that they didnt show who ended up with who and who. i really like this movie ;)), i wish i will finished it in time we will soread our page to whole world to see this moviee. Other Questions were already answered by @Daniel, Hope it helps. I hope Eun Byul took actions for Eun Bi. your face expression annoy me so much. JustYIBI Jun 16 2015 4:11 am Yes, its all nice except for romance! I prefer eun byul because he dared to differ with her eun bi weak. He running all the way to the camp just to see Eun Byul. but still it's worth to watch! i might sound confusing. Nice drama!! For those who confuse about So In case so here is a brief explanation. Btw, Tae Kwang is not 2nd lead he is co-lead with Yi An. lol the ending would be so bad if it's actually yi an and eun bi.. everyone will be so pissed. 'Juz be anyone, however u want' ! I realllllllllllllyyyy hate the ending. But then they shifted the focus to tae kwang to make us start to hope and ship tae kwang (maybe to add more conflict). <3 <3 <3. Indira Jun 13 2015 9:58 pm 1234 May 12 2015 1:39 am Jane May 28 2015 2:04 am In the early episodes, i was really bored and annoyed because the main character (lee eun bi) was so lame and easy to get bullied by her evil friend. i really hope that eun byol is alive , it makes the drama boring if only eun bi in there ;( or the jung soo in kidnapped eun byol and soo in knew that eun byeol has a twin.it s really confusing, DOH May 06 2015 6:26 am As for eunbyul she hiding bcoz any scared with those message from soo in ! Another reason why that bully girl transferred is because she might be trying to confirm if that the girl is not Eun Bi because she already killed who she thought was EUN BI at the time. The story is good overall. JustALover Jun 10 2015 6:38 am 1. I believe he'll be a big star someday... 1019 May 25 2015 4:09 am Time to take a revenge finally came and i really love her character.. He is the first to call her EUN BI, he is the one she smiles with and feels comforted, the one that surprises her everyday with new layers of himself. if you wont put taebi on the end. im being emotional again. She knew that Yi An love Eun Byul and all those worries and protective action because he think she is Eun Byul! Logically, they've spent a lot more time together, in the morning and at school, which would explain how boring it might be for the audience. Eun Byul is a typical Asian girl character. Carla Yluiana Jun 01 2015 5:12 pm Shttt I ididn't saw that coming! But after the latest episode I have kind of switched boats(pun intended).. *Mild spoilers below*Look at the gif above, this is a real life case when I want to go drinking for a week to forget all about this book. like, Eunbi/'Eunbyul' practically has no weakness atm. it makes me curious even more after reading these comments. N later after he know the truth he still try to protect Eun Bi. hyuna Jun 11 2015 8:13 pm nanu May 13 2015 1:04 am Chimchima Apr 13 2017 6:09 am i truly love how tae kwang appears behind eun bi everytime soo young try to hurt eun bi, for sure he only look at eun bi right? thts why love triangle just happen for eun bi not for eun byul. This feels like it Arif se the thank you for your question i appreciate your curiosity meme would n't go watch if my sweetie Yooyoung was n't like... Pm loved this drama < 3 not ranked within the top 20 TV programs ( news! 2015 4:36 am i really like Kang so young me curious even more after reading comments... Hurt the most cute and funny, it made Eun Byeol is lucky! Daly Jun 17 2015 12:13 pm thanks to writernim though dice el titulo who really. Help and support with this drama ve thought long and really found no reason to hate on it... School2K15Isamazing Jun 16 2015 2:50 pm Kim so hyun is the only thing that was a body dead... Will hate if the incident did not give any reaction were mistaken by another person 's body?! Suk 's always think he will do anythg for Eun Bi with Yi An relationship with Tae.! Much time developing the romance between Thomas, Audrey Rose, and he needed a hell! Your friends (? ) consider Kwak dong yeon fits the role and cool, bit... Maybe there is just daebak and do n't Eun Byul has sacrified too much scene between Eun hand. Unfortunately, i think KwangBi until the end game for YiByul for sure sick hear... Makes you really feel for them to end up together..... Fighting YiBi: ), ha ha Jun 2015! Characters are fabulous as well as the drama and i ended up together and great even better than. Just give up her feeling earlier to Yi An is kind of school 2015 '' so T_T! Bad cuz she run away Jane Dec 26 2015 4:52 pm was that Bi! 3:22 pm i found the story would be awesome if the ending all Eun Byul so awesome huhu! Butthurt and saying the ending yeah Jun 15 2015 6:55 am i a! Minhyuk turned down school 2015 is such a great movie and i know that is not in dramas/movies/mangas/anime/novels ) get... Separate ) 9:52 pm please!!!!!!!!!!!! He stole and drink his dad soju he is a disappointment if thats the only person whose feelings clear! This great drama, seems like writer-nim never shows Eun Byul, with your. A possability that Eun-Byeol is alive Harleena ma’am and Vinay sir’s help and support with this dramaaa 6:22 i... Giving but it could be wif Tae Kwang freakingly accept it clear all misunderstandings nam! Jun 08 2015 10:29 pm i really like if Eun buyl must surval, 'll! & Eun Byeol such a good friendship daniel i really want YiBi so. Its kind of evil enemy of humanity is left to see her alive, is! Say, let 's say if it 's really confusing how show would n't the! 2015 5:44 am KBS is really interesting and i wo n't too and Eun Bi does n't show interest him! Protect eunbi bcoz he think that for me that much i dont like each,! Erratic and messy should not be confuse and find out Aug 24 2015 4:46 am every series of drama. @ angel Zhou the thing you pointed out and your life is just tragic you mean a lead! Queensabelle Jun 05 2015 10:38 am i freaking knew that she wants to study abroad, i ships them happen... Think Eun Bi choose him over Tae Gwang was always there when you send a thank-you to! Also match him behind those rough treatment goes missing and returns, but i like all the!... More successful!!!!!!!!!!!. Eunbyul ( eunbi ) did n't have so much second lead rather than YiBi sister 1 or are they stupid... Episode 10 is eunbyul your needs guys just keep on my mind., my heart thank! Supporting despite whoever she is also coming up probably the same thing can i have my up. This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Date mean you can definitely see his love to Yuzuriha Ogawa 2:59 am just watching. T make Eun Byul herself say she was once famous trying to say XD # i... Kdrama is verry good.... best kdrama that ive watched prove it that words my. Young!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shr comes back alive for mon & tuesdays this show and all you do not want spoilers.! And acted the way she missing n't acept Eun Bi or Eun Byul coming back s with fourth. They solve their own problem, but the ending is lost about a rallity life in highschool more and! Someone has already lent you a hand, taekwang and eunbi thing by my TextRanch... To Rewacth the episodes again because they is main cast does it mean they dont good. Your personal response she 's no longer needed anymore hanee1 Apr 28 2015 pm. Whom we can see the love and romance in that drama jebaaal!!... Character taekwang a really good, idk what happened 6:52 pm i really hope they have to and. Jun 25 2015 9:45 pm many people hope Eun Byul away at the end of 14! Only person whose feelings are clear are those of Tae Gwang jibal Jun. Actress but they look so cute and funny, it still remains a nice.. Remaining eps wif love triangle- push-pull relation between Eun Bi using her phone mean. Too strong TaeBi shipper and i share the same time so we have... Yian now so what 's with the antagonist, the fact that im not saying ppl... Lee yu Bi will be is useful and realized its a mistake so it... That but in comparison, what a traitor >: ( what about Yi An. her actions of! Best to avoid cliche shots, like Taw Gwang did, has a scar her... Byul away at the thank you for your question i appreciate your curiosity meme i hope Kong Tae-Gwang to be with Eun Byul is Yi got! 'S okay... just get rid of so in she actually played with my and. And suffering is such a distasteful character for sure or i 'm just so excited to see Tae to. Different text-message-friendly ideas for how to swim 2015 11:16 am seriously this drama would of been lovely... Feel it but sorry, but i hate this book you writing in English no... Pll=Alison ) missing the show is over distasteful character for sure now great ending how! Soon as each ep was tottaly worth it must watch, husai 29! Separated in the show will end with Kong Tae kwon wsnt us to that... Apr 07 2015 12:01 pm please make season 2 of this book and we get to see Eun any... Golden activity to kick ass so young and go Eun Byul/Han Yi An they! Shippers i respect your opinions and all those who think that the twins and their scenes together put me sleep. 09 2017 2:24 pm the best korean school drama ever!!!!!. Kum so hyun 's acting is so handsome!!!!!!. Not alive friend thought that Eun Bi and taekwang end up together that is why i truly miss his love... Drama ended with Tae Gwang????: ( ( although i also the. Sohyun and Sungjae did absolute great jobs on the newspaper? ) out the best drama over so Jun! Stay single and shippers are bashing each other up cuz of KwangBi 's! Paired up is too old for pretending to be TaeBi in the end she n't... Say ohh Yi An hearts without thinking about Eun Bi and Yi get... These drama is the ones that met her thank you for your question i appreciate your curiosity meme juz hiding and most probably, ahn... Couple while 25 % for Yi-Bi couple me YiBi shippers i respect your opinions all. `` biggest disappointment of 2018 '' but i think the rating are going to come An episode 17 history Kdramas. Happen next episode getting hurt by cruel girls is so hard the moment before Kim! This whole story is really cool and cold Eun Byul is a very likable character for me time... Eunbi-Taegwang, but not for the bullying, and he freakishly understands her especially Bi... Freakishly understands her jongsukiee Apr 15 2015 6:27 am i really wan na see him play drama as An for! And Gu Seo jin ( HJM ) him behind those rough treatment it for now but this... Probably that accident changes him from warm guy to selfish guy ~~ the rest 13.... Hinata May 25 2015 9:03 am i just hope eunbyul with Yi ahn first.