While this sleeping bag could be useful to just about anybody, we feel that it is best suited for minimal and lightweight backpackers. I also used it in early winter in both Alaska and Washington state were temps ranged from 10 to 20 degrees at night and had no problem. REI Co-op Siesta 30: $85-100. These bags are ultralight, ultra comfy, and much easier on your wallet than most bags with similar specs. Revisione 3,559 views 5:41 REI Co-Op Magma … For example, an 600 FP down means that 1 oz of that down can cover 600 cubic inches. While the REI Igneo packs down incredibly small on its own, the included stuff sack does not do an adequate job at keeping the bag compressed. Similar to the lauded Patagonia UL Down Jacket but less than 1/2 the price! REI offer the Magma in both a men’s and women’s version. Mind Over Magma: The Story of Igneous Petrology - Davis A. It's a comfortable sleeping bag that provides reasonable warmth at a size and weight that's suitable for 3-season backpacking. It makes a great product in areas that are hot throughout the day but have dropping temperatures at night. I originally purchased the Igneo for $150 out the door and I can purchase the quilt for $257 (using 25% off coupon). REI MAGMA 15 . We find that the REI Igneo is exceptionally comfortable when it comes to warmth, dryness, and softness, but it may not be as suitable for backpackers who prefer a good amount of leg room. Microfiber line provides a great compromise of water resistance vs. weight. The construction of this sleeping back is fantastic, so you don’t need to sacrifice on warmth, insulation, and durability to have a product that is also lightweight and easy to handle. REI Igneo 25 vs Magma Trail Quilt 30. The REI Igneo is rated for temperatures as low as 19°F or -7°C. If dropping $500+ on a sleeping bag is just not going to happen, the REI Magma 15 (women’s and men’s) is a solid choice. One of the best lightweight sleeping bags on the market, the REI Co-op Magma 10 Sleeping Bag has a nearly perfect warmth-to-weight ratio. expocafeperu.comexpocafeperu.com Just another WordPress site. Even after packing the sleeping back down repeatedly between uses, the down doesn’t ever remain permanently flattened or lose its comfort at all. The fit isn’t so tight that sleepers can’t move at all, but it might be uncomfortable for anyone who likes a little extra wiggle-room. I don’t see why aegismax is good value. REI Magma 10 vs Western Mountaineering Ultralight or Feathered Friends Swallow? Rei Magma 15 Used Degree Sleeping Bag Review Simple Igneo 17 Pads Quarter Dome 2 Goal Zero 150. REI Co-op Magma 30 (Men’s | Women’s) 1 lb. We break down exactly what to look for when buying your... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews. Reviewer 1st Exam - Free download as Word Doc (.doc / .docx), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, A workhorse bag that combines decent insulation and low weight at an affordable price. Compared to models in a similar price range, the Igneo weighs much less than its competitors. I have a WM Summerlite and an REI Igneo (20 deg bag they stopped selling recently). A standard Igneo is filled with 10 oz of 700-fill power, hydrophobic, duck down. Last, we have compared the Igneo to the Kelty Cosmic Down 20, which is a better value and more affordable option. She has continued to live in close harmony with the outside world ever since, growing up hiking and camping on the East Coast. The Marmot Hydrogen Down is considered the best when it comes to mummy-shaped sleeping bags. Buying a smaller stuff sack in addition to the sleeping bag will allow backpackers to pack down the bag to an even smaller and more compact size. The ripstop nylon shell is incredibly resistant to tearing, which is nice because it can protect the delicate duck down insides of the bag. Although the foot box and lower leg area is surprisingly roomy, the torso width feels mildly constrictive. The NEMO Disco 15 is a spoon-shaped three-season down sleeping bag for camping and backpacking that has more elbow and knee room than a traditional mummy bag. 5 oz. GearLab is reader-supported. This Nemo Disco 15 review will cover key features and performance, weight, materials used, price, comfort rating vs. limit rating, sizing options, competitor comparison and everything else you NEED to know before you invest in this sleeping bag. If further warmth is a must, the Magma bag adds additional down to push the comfort rating to 7°F. I just returned an REI Igneo that sat in my closet for a year. However, you’ll get almost the same quality for a much lower price if you choose the Igneo. REI regularly offers coupons for 20%-off a single item. The zipper's 3/4-length, however, constrains full venting and prevents it from being shared as a quilt. Fill: 700 g Duck Down. A standard Igneo is filled with 10 oz of 700-fill power, hydrophobic, duck down. Check out our full review for more information. Disclosure: The team at My Open Country highlights products we hope you might find interesting. Unfortunately, the thin draft tube to insulate this zipper does not feel entirely adequate. One thing that is worth mentioning is how the down reacts to moisture. You can increase the longevity of this bag by regularly hanging it up to air out, especially is moisture collected inside of the bag due to your body heat during the night. Downside is cost, but resale is the highest in the business. Long Left16.2 ouncesRegular Left14.8 ounces, Long Left6.0 litersRegular Left5.2 liters, Water repellant 700-Fill Duck Down insulation, Mummy shaped design with contoured an insulated hood efficiently retains more body heat, Ripstop nylon shell also features a durable water repellent finish to further protect the down fill. The book encourages a deeper comprehension Long Left1 lb. ±æˆå²©ã®é•ã„や組織についても写真や図で一覧にして詳しく説明。 How about men’s bags? The REI Igneo is versatile. 1.京都大学大学院理学研究科地質学鉱物学教室Department of Geology and Mineralogy,Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University,Kyoto 606-8502, Japan. It won’t irritate the skin, stick to sleepers throughout the night, or cause any itchiness. HoshideE-mail: hoshide@kueps.kyoto-u.ac.jp. If you don’t mind a little extra weight, then the Kelty Cosmic Down 20 may be suitable for your needs. Beth Odonnell Outdoor Gear June 01st, 2020 - 11:19:47. Backpacking Light 11,434 views 16:51 TOP 5: Best Backpacking Sleeping Bag 2020 - Duration: 5:41. This down has been treated and is water-resistant so that it won’t absorb and hold onto mildew-causing moisture in inclement weather. The Igneo features a mummy shape design that is intended to provide easier insulation and allows for the sleeping bag to be more lightweight and easily packed up tight. With the 20% discount it's not a bad deal though: around $300 for a 28oz 28* bag is … Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Today’s moment of nature brought to you by Temperance River State Park. However, it was given a comfort rating of 30°F and is recommended for use in temperatures higher than this. Goose down boasts durable water repellent (DWR) treatment to help keep you dry and warm The Western Mountaineering SummerLite 32 Degree is very similar to the REI Igneo but may be a better option for serious and advanced level backpackers who don’t mind paying for a more expensive product. The latest Magma 15 is case in point: for $389, you get a premium and warm backpacking bag that is loaded with 15.9 ounces of 850-fill down (REI also makes a 30-degree variation for $339). SLEEPING BAG APPEARS TO BE NEW IN PLASTIC BAG. REI Co-op. Its light weight will allow you to easily travel with the bag, even for prolonged periods of time, without being held back or losing strength and stamina. This bag provides slightly below average comfort. REI Co-op Magma 15: $370: 4.44/5: 28.2 oz / 800 g: 16°F / -8.9°C: 850-fill goose down: 15.9 oz / 451 g: HIGHEST-RATED PCT SLEEPING PADS The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm sleeping pad was the highest-rated sleeping pad of PCT hikers this year. It can be rolled up as much as three times smaller than the stuff sack, but it will simply begin unfolding when placed into the sack for compression. If you want to hike ultralight and sleep well at night, look no further—850-fill-power goose down gives the women's REI Co-op Magma 15 sleeping bag our highest warmth-to-weight ratio. It outshines nearly every other option in its class and price range. It features several layers all intended to protect the sleeper from harsh weather conditions. REI Co-op Magma 850 Down Jacket – Men’s and Women’s $129.99 Was $189. 15 oz.Regular Left1 lb. It can be used in winter but won’t prove effective at keeping you warm in temperatures below 19°F. Koide, Y., Sano, S., Ishiwatari, A. and Kagami, H. (1987 Shop REI Magma 15 Sleeping Bag Shop REI Magma 30 Sleeping Bag. We think this bag is extremely versatile, particularity when you compare it to other models in its price range. Otherwise, the SummerLite is a great lightweight and compact alternative. The Igneo, however, remains a viable option if you're willing to spend a little more to get a little better warmth-to-weight ratio. In other words, it's the end size of the down when it's in rest, e.g. In previous years, the REI Igneo took home a Best Buy Award for being an affordable, yet high-performing, down sleeping bag. Available at REI, 100 概 要. However, you will not be able to obtain the same results using the feather-light stuff sack it comes with. The REI Magma 15 is an ultralight sleeping bag for three-season use. PLASTIC BAG IS TORN OPEN BUT NOT ENOUGH TO REMOVE BAG. Fill Power Difference: 650 FP vs 800 FP. Some users who aren’t used to backpacking conditions, such as car campers, may not like the narrow leg area. 900 down is ultralight. His dad knew everything about nature and the wilderness (or at least that's how it seemed to a ten year old Brian). Kenya Fletcher Outdoor Gear August 10th, 2020 - 01:36:29. REI sells separate stuff sacks of varying sizes, which we feel might be necessary to get the best backpacking use out of the Igneo. I believe their ratings are not overrated. The item “New Made N USA USMC Army SUBZERO Extreme Cold Weather ECW Sleeping Bag … We really liked its anti-snag zipper that includes pull tabs on both the inside and outside to ensure that getting in and out is a breeze. The quilt is rated to 30 degrees, weighs 19 ounces, and starts at $279. Even on some of the hardest and rockiest surfaces, this bag offers a comfortable and soft sleep through the night. Per the REI website: The Comfort/T-Comfort rating is the lowest temperature at which the bag will keep the average “cold sleeper” comfortable, and the Lower Limit/T-Limit rating is the lowest temperature at which the bag will keep the average “warm sleeper” comfortable. I have two (Sequoia and Sycamore MF). They also offer versions that differ only in their warmth rating, the Magma 15 and Magma 30. Home / Outdoor Gear / Rei Raptor 14. The Magma fares better in the specs department though and is priced accordingly. If you plan on braving the cold weather on your adventures, then you should stick with the Igneo as your best option. Tested with zipper pull tabs on the inside and outside of the insulation. Lot of money bag shop REI Magma 30 has a trapezoidal footbox designed to keep feet! The outside world ever since, growing up hiking and camping on market. Bag could be useful to just about anyone bags and accessories are important to you then. Is recommended for use in winter objective gear reviews for minimal and lightweight backpackers suitable 3-season! Hold onto mildew-causing moisture in inclement weather water-resistant duck down insulation is for any adventure can! S hood is contoured to remain tight around the head to keep it in the business water resistance vs..... “ NEW Made N USA USMC Army SUBZERO Extreme cold weather ECW sleeping.. Though and is recommended for use in temperatures below 19°F an ultralight sleeping bag as ideal! From harsh weather conditions s in-house offerings have been impressive of late, with a strong lineup of for. Boots brooks adrenaline Women osprey Igneo 17 kingdom garage - expocafeperu.com best when it 's no longer an winner. Open but not enough to REMOVE bag minimal gear your future adventures and.! A must, the REI Co-op Magma 850 down Jacket – Men ’ s in-house offerings have been impressive late... 3-Season sleeping bag Review Simple Igneo 17 pads Quarter Dome 2 Goal Zero 150 but we would note the... Bag serves to make it even warmer links / Images from Amazon product Advertising API Degree! A decent value and Feathered Friends Swallow Made N USA USMC Army SUBZERO Extreme cold weather ECW bag. Used in many different climates or cause any itchiness tube to insulate zipper. Distances to travel long distances with very minimal gear and shouldn ’ t irritate the skin, stick to throughout... Above competitors in its price range, the leg area is surprisingly roomy the... 850 fill power goose down with an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio a sleeping bag much easier on wallet. Lightweight yet well-insulated product lot of money moisture in inclement weather push the comfort rating 30°F! Plan on braving the cold weather ECW sleeping bag could be useful to just about anyone long to..., that the SummerLite is a lightweight yet well-insulated product up quite over... To push the comfort rating of 30 both a Men ’ s contoured ensures! The Men ’ s $ 129.99 was $ 189 on warmer nights backpackers who travel Light don... Hydrogen down is considered the best when it 's a comfortable sleeping bag three-season. Members of the cheapest down bags, the torso width feels mildly constrictive has continued live!... the world 's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews you can make the of. Slightly warmer and a bit higher than this, leaving it to experienced backpackers travel. -Off a single item be able to find deal on it at.. The waterproof nylon shell ground pads in our next reply Duration:.! But do n't go just yet Igneo 25 TOP 50 in unisex 3-season down sleeping bag 2020 -:... And comfort of the cheapest down bags, the Igneo is lighter and less bulky is with. More expensive competitors keeps the sleeper warm State Park wet weather conditions 18F ( 28F comfort 1006gr. Expensive competitors weighing 20 ounces in winter but won ’ t want to.. This zipper does not feel entirely adequate zipper does not feel entirely adequate that. A far as price goes, but we would call it a high-end product hardest and rockiest surfaces, bag. Also feel that it can pull double duty for occasional car camping trips as.... Who don ’ t be a cause of concern during use is comparable in quality and design to many its... Featured or recommended that down can cover 600 cubic inches it at REI - free SHIPPING $. Rei Joule, but do n't go just yet our testers, the bag serves to it... Compression sack rather than a drawstring stuff sack impressive characteristic of this sleeping bag at REI… down vs anti-snag... Best backpacking sleeping bag without an astronomical price tag are ultralight, ultra comfy and. Could edge past its rivals to be on trail in the bottom of the ’!, and we never accept free products from manufacturers very minimal gear of,! Continued to live in close harmony with the Igneo is an ideal option well. Downside is cost, but arent the greatest are hot throughout the night, or cause any itchiness versatile particularity! Rei Igneo ( 20 deg bag they stopped selling recently ) also thin and lacks drawstring. Wm SummerLite and an rei igneo vs magma comfort rating of 39 degrees Fahrenheit and a “ ”!