That is why it says "Apply a Bona sealer or Bona stain and 2 coats of Bona Traffic HD®" Glitsa *also* requires a sealer under it's 2k finishes like GlitsaMax. But be careful: any time there is a pigment in a coat, you increase the possibility of lapping the edges. Bona are renowned for their leading products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wooden floors. Use Bona Mega ONE as a regular topcoat over a Bona DriFast Stain or a Bona sealer. Reply Delete Visit our E-commerce store for Flooring, Supplies and Equipment, The Primatech Edge Eliminates the Need for Face Nailing. Click here to browse all Bona Mega ONE finish available on our website. Bona Mega ONE allows you to be more price-competitve on those jobs where you don’t need the extreme durability of a finish like Bona Traffic HD, yet still want to provide a good amount of durability while not spending as much on materials. Provides excellent flow and levelling to give an … First the space was sanded, then 3 coats of Bona Mega ONE were applied. Bona recommends applying two coats for residential jobs and adding a third coat for high-traffic areas. Bona Traffic and Traffic HD are two-part products: Part A Finish and Part B Hardener that is essential to use for best results. A minimum of 2 coats of Bona Mega is required and a 3rd coat would be recommended in situations with high traffic such as pets, kids, and commercial settings. Mega Clear is a very good product for a bargain price. These protective formulas renew hardwood and stone, tile and laminate floors by filling in microsratches and scuffs, shielding against future wear and traffic, and adding a durable shine for beautiful, transformed floors, every time. 1 Coat Bona sealer or Bona stain and 2 Coats of Bona Mega. Quick to dry, easy to abrade and excellent build characteristics. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Ideal for offices, small shops, hotel rooms and domestic properties, Bona Mega offers the performance of a 2K floor varnish in a ready-to-use formula. BONA MEGA ONE Bona Mega One is a one component polyurethane finish designed for use in domestic and light commercial environments. Parts A and B are sold together and separately, so if you’re sold on Bona, make sure you get both.. Only five days are needed for a full cure. Bona Mega ONE is your 1 component partner for timber floor treatment. The result? The standard for a hardwood floor is at least three coats. In fact, *every* 2k urethane finish i've ever worked with, flooring or not, requires a compatible sealer coat if you use a stain. However, it is a good idea to keep pets off the floors during the sand and finish process, until the finish is fully cured, so there is no contamination, dirt or hair in the polyurethane coating of your floor. Use Bona Mega ONE as a regular topcoat over a Bona DriFast Stain or a Bona sealer. Required fields are marked *, [gravityform id="4" title="false" description="false" ajax="true"],
A next generation 1k finish that delivers 2k results.